Recliner Chair

The people of Sanrio have figured out that if you are delusional enough to want a Hello Kitty TV, then you are probably delusional enough to want to watch that TV while reclining in a Hello Kitty reclining chair.

hello kitty recliner chair

While most things branded with the evil feline are noting more than useless crap, I personally see this as having a useful purpose, although a terrifying one. Correctional facilities around the country could easily purchase these for all the convicts on death row and simply place them into their cells,. The thought of having to live with such a piece of furniture should cause most of them to have instant heart failure. Those that manage not to have one will be haunted all their days in prison which would undoubtedly be far worse than any crime that they committed. Of course, this can never come to be since anyone with even an ounce of sense can easily see that it would be considered cruel and unusual punishment of the worst kind…which pretty much sums up the entirety of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by stacey

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  1. It will be mine. HKH thanks so much, my 1st comment. But I love your site (more cool stuff than Sanrio & eBay put together). One day you’ll come out as a fan, I’ve got 2 tattoos (I’m male, 6’5″, 260lb & i fight in the ring for a living) man-up and embrace. Bless.

  2. You are wrong once again….this would calm the inmates down…
    Jail and prison has no colors…it is intentionally bland.
    It is part of the psychology that is used to make it a very unattractive place.
    I once used my colored pencils bought through commisary, and scribbled a design just to remind my fellow inmates of the beautiful world that we were deprived of at the time…..the response was smiles on the faces of the most hardened and ugliest of criminals.
    Hello kitty and its colorful style is medicine…

  3. I’ve seen this before and I thought it was a children’s size chair. Am I mistaken?

    Oh and regardless of what size it is, this chair is super tacky! Sanrio needs to do better!

  4. @Sanriobaby
    I seen them on Walmart’s web site. I believe they are child size only.

    still I would have on for my big Hello Kitty plushie to defy Mr Hello Kitty Hell.

  5. Yeah unfortunately they only come in kid sizes! I would buy this for my daughter (she has a hello kitty only wardrobe already!) but they are expensive even for walmart.


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