While there are a ton of trends that involve the evil feline that frighten me beyond belief (simply take a look through this blog and you will instantly know what I mean), this is certainly a trend that I hope never catches on. It seems that there are a few guys out there that somehow came to the conclusion that a Hello Kitty haircut would be a good idea (or, more likely, were somehow convinced by their girlfriends that this would be worthwhile).

hello kitty haircut

Hello Kitty haircut face

hello kitty hair shave

Hello Kitty hair

There is a very simple reason that I fear the hello Kitty haircut. There is little doubt that I will wake up one morning (probably after drinking way too much Hello Kitty booze) with my head looking like this which would definitely be on par for the cruelty that exists in Hello Kitty Hell…

Sent in by djhk, Barbara and sippy

Hello Kitty haircut

Sent in by Deedra

Hello Kitty bow haircut

Sent in by Jaime

10 thoughts on “Haircut”

  1. This just seems a bit much. I mean, I do like the designs some people put into their hair, but the first two just look like Hello Kitty Male Pattern Baldness.

    The other ones could maybe look nice if smaller… much smaller. I’m not a fan of HK, but design wise, it could work.

  2. This is nothing new really. Guys have been cutting designs in thier hair for years now. The last one isn’t that great though…

  3. Ok did the girlfriends or wives promise some sort of sexual reward if they got these? I certianly hope so, good thing though at least it’s not some tattoo that they got on a dare after a night of heavy drinking.


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