Flavored Condoms

I don’t know why I hope that the evil feline will somehow come to her senses and leave her already terrible ideas alone so that the world can have at least a bit of sanity. She proves time and again that she doesn’t know how to leave a bad idea alone. It was horrific enough when Hello Kitty condoms appeared, but apparently the people at Sanrio decided that they needed something a little more. Their solution was Hello Kitty flavored condoms:

Hello Kitty colored and flavored condoms

While the flavored condoms do confirm the already well-known oral fixation the cat with no mouth has, the mere thought of putting anything Hello Kitty in even that general vicinity is just wrong in so many ways that it’s difficult to even to begin to list them all. I do think that it’s appropriate that Hello Kitty’s teddy bear Tiny Chum (that fact that I know Hello Kitty’s teddy bear’s name disturbs me almost as much as these condoms) kind of makes her look like Hannibal Lecter because something as terrible as him (if not more so) is going to happen to anyone that has to wear one of those…

Sent in by Poppy

5 thoughts on “Flavored Condoms”

  1. Oh, thank goodness. I was wondering about the Hannibal Lecter mask, too, until I realized it was a teddy bear. What I didn’t realize is that the teddy bear has a name. Dude, you need help.

  2. Ok, is there still anyone who still doesn’t understand my, and my former alter ego kitteh’s, complaints about “age inappropriate marketing items”?

  3. Would I ever use these? Nope, not only b/c it’s HK, but mainly b/c I don’t know which brand of condoms these are. But if I came across them, I might get one as a novelty item, never to be used….


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