Courtney Stodden Nightmare Video

What do you get from a want-to-be TV reality star teen (Courtney Stodden) who marries a 51-year-old actor (Doug Hutchison)? You get a video like this which Courtney obviously thinks is “cute” (how can you not think that as she coughs up a hairball?) but should help purge your stomach of all if its contents with ease (warning: this video can’t be unseen)

Hello Kitty Cortney Stodden

On the positive side, I do suppose that this is appropriate punishment to any 50-year-old that thinks it’s a good idea to marry a teen…

Sent in by far too many fanatics who obviously are pushing for me to just give up and end my life because there is no other sane reason for them to share it with me…

21 thoughts on “Courtney Stodden Nightmare Video”

  1. Thanks heavens the hairball was the worst of it. I was a little concerned when she was scratching around in the litter box.

  2. You are just jealous because she is hot and you could never get someone that hot. There is nothing wrong with this video and you’re just a hater!

  3. I do not know who I blame more her or her parrents.
    My condoleces for having to wach this disturbing vidoe.

    ps. shes’ too jail bait for me to say she’s cuite in this dress.

  4. On the plus side, she is married to Eugene Tooms, so is probably going to come to a sticky, messy end, and sooner rather than later.

  5. Clearly this girl is what many called “touched” b/c REALLY, why do this in the first place? The video was crazy and simply disturbing. Does this child have nothing better to do with her time? Only perverts like her husband find this crazy crap amusing. I don’t care if she’s hot or not, someone needs to tell her to go sit her azz down somewhere, stop acting the fool, and pls put some clothes on! Married or not, a beautiful 17yr old girl shouldn’t be dressing like a stripper/porn star in public on a regular basis! Courney needs to stop being so thristy and desparate for attention, stop shopping at Fredricks of Hollywood, and stop perverting the image of HK with your childish sexuality. It’s not cute, it’s creepy, and sad….

    BTW, my hubby said she should have choked on that furball, LMFAO!

  6. So are so many things wrong with this video:
    1. This should have taken place in the Hello Kitty S&M room
    2. This should not have been recorded
    3. Cat food is not a very good source of nutrition and it is made up of meat that was probably diseased
    4. I really hope that the hairball was her own hair, or cotton
    5. Cats don’t wear clear heels
    6. Cats whiskers don’t parallel each other, they bunch out from points of origins
    7. She was jumping on the bed with heels on… After she kicked the litter with the same heels


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