Pink Goose Vodka

It has already been well established that the evil feline is more than willing to pimp out anything that she feels will earn her a buck and that Hello Kitty loves her booze, so I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by this. It seems that a single type of Hello Kitty vodka is not enough — and apparently not kid friendly enough as well. Thus the introduction of Hello Kitty Pink Goose vodka:

Hello Kitty Pink Goose vodka from Japan

All I know is that that simply having to look at this (let alone having to drink it) instantly produces one hell of a Hello kitty hangover…

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  1. Remember folks:
    Sanrio will not license “negative products,” like Hello Kitty cigarettes, knives, pistols, or pornography

    I did do some digging and found the truth.


    “The bottles are NOT for sale, they are part of an art exhibition. This is an art project to raise social awareness on topics such as alcohol abuse by teens, alcohol abuse by pregnant women, the disinterest of some parents toward their children (abandoned for days between toys and video games), how far marketers can go to gain the attention of their younger customers. There are no commercial purposes.”

    Or In other words this “art” exhibit is pure Barbra Streisand. She is delusional agitator who wishes to make aware or browbeat us with utter tripe until we delude our selves that her cause have any resemblance of reality.

    May Mr Hello Kitty Hell be locked up the Hello Kitty bondage room with Courtney Stodden and kitty box for 10 days for defaming the Kitty.

    • Are you arguing that the issue of “age inappropriate marketting” doesn’t exist? If so, then ask yourself how long I (and my former alter-ego kitteh) have been complaining about AIM tat for. I’m pretty sure it’s several years now.

      • @paws4thot

        That one issue, and calling such crap art. As an (not so great) artist that and performance “art” is a pet peeve.

        I do not have that much of an issue with it. U do not see this happening at all I do not see alcohol companies advertizing to minors.

        Now again I was raised in the 1960’s with candy cigarettes and old Warner Bothers cartoons like this. //

        Yet I did not turnout as cigarette addicted drunk.

        • I was raised in the 1960s with candy cigarettes (and indeed entire “smoking kits” that also included chocolate cigars, matches, pipes and tobacco) too. And yes I’m also a life-long non-smoker, which does make me think that such AIM campaigns are addressing an issue that doesn’t really exist.

          My point is really about things like $white_goods with HK logos on them (and no other features like the toaster that burnt an HK logo into the bread for example). Have you ever heard a 6YO say something like “My life will not be complete until you buy me an HK logoed ice box”?

          • A: well, the… I am a Chinese kunming, the capital of yunnan province 12 years old girl, is can speak English, is because I am download a translation software, can communicate with you and may, therefore, some statements not smooth, please forgive me. I saw this article (many places look not to understand well, I just want to say: China only snow beer. =-=

  2. I like the bottle art picture, but Japanese vodka strikes me as being very bad taste (well, actually that applies to pretty much any vodka not distilled in Russia).

  3. It’s too cute to drink it . If I buy this hello kitty’s vodka , I do not drink it. Maybe someone originally does not like vodka but when she see it ,they will change her mind.


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