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It’s not often I come across a Hello Kitty product where I’m not sure whether to hate it or love it. The mere fact that it’s yet another product depicting the evil feline produces instant loathing, but if I had to have something adorned with Ms Kitty White, I think the Hello Kitty knife set would be high on the list:

hello kitty knife set

goodbye kitty knife set

Goodbye Hello Kitty

Of course, I’m not sure how much I would actually use the knives since I would likely be spending most of my day violently thrusting them in and out of her body (especially the ones in the head and the heart, wishing that it actually was possible to kill her off) to relieve the stress of living in Hello Kitty Hell…

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14 thoughts on “Knife Set”

  1. Looking at the background of photo 2 makes me think that this is another art piece and not an actual product.

    I do have reservations about the idea of letting actual 6YOs see this in case:-
    1) They burst into floods of tears because “they killed HK”.
    2) They try and do this for real!

    • Tough luck for the kids. BTW let them practice on a stuffed HK instead of a real one.
      I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Keep them coming, HKH! Buy one for your wife.

  2. It’s definitely part of an art expo of some type. Personally, not my cup of tea, but I’d love to get a set of HK knives only if they were made of good quality. Until then, I’ll just have to settle with the few HK kitchen items I already own;)

    • IME good quality kitchen knives normally conform to a general description of:-
      Blade extends into a tang that runs the full length of the handle.
      Hand grips are formed from 2 pieces of wood or moulded plastic rivetted to the sides of the tang.

      If you can’t see the end of the tang at the end of the handle that goes towards you it’s not a good knife (I dislike ceramic ones because they can shatter if stressed the wrong way).
      This is not a complete statement of what makes a good knife because we’d need to consider things like steels, and detail handle shape is personal taste.

      • Thanks for the info! I actually own a really good set of kitchen knives but thought it would be pretty cool if I had a set that had HK tastefully emblazoned on them somehow. The funny thing is, I know it’s only a thought because most HK items are far from tasteful and sadly, Sanrio rarely makes anything of really high quality anyway.

        • Well, it’s partly that, after Hannibal Lector, the most dangerous thing I know of that you can have in your kitchen is a set of cheap, blunt knives.

  3. Wow. I wish this really existed. My husband & I are shopping for housewares to outfit our kitchen with and we could use a good set of knives. Knives that I can thrust out of The Demon Cats plump, adorable little body excite me to no end. Hello Kitty is evil, and the idea of stabbing her brings me great joy. I honestly think that that would be the solution to all of my stress issues.

    “Stress honey?”


    “Why don’t you go stab Kitty a few times?”

    “=D Okay!”

  4. Are you sure this is accurate/by Sanrio? I read a while back one item the artist of hello kitty will not depict is knives. :/

  5. This hello kitty’s product is special , I think some people do not like it because it hurt hello kitty. They can not endure it.

  6. Hey I don’t wanna hurt Hello Kitty but I’d still get it! She doesn’t look like she’s in much pain but I’m sure some would love to stab her in this way many times lol :/

  7. I am not pleased with that discription!! I don’t like you!!! Why do you like to hate on what other people like? Did you just save a lot of people? You just wasted your life,jerk!!!


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