KISS Toilet Paper

I swear the people at Sanrio aren’t even trying anymore. They are sitting in their office cubicles and seem to be actively trying to figure out something so ridiculously stupid that not even Hello Kitty fanatics will buy it. Of course, they are failing miserably at this mission.

Seriously, this really shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s already been well established that Hello Kitty will do whatever it takes to make a buck even if that means combining two previously terrible ideas together to form something that undoubtedly signals the coming of the end of the world. I have already had my run-ins with the wife concerning Hello Kitty toilet paper. Then the was the partnership between the evil feline and KISS which only confirmed that Sanrio has a special knack for making others sell-out in the biggest way possible. Any normal person would have stopped in complete embarrassment at that point, but that’s not how things work in Hello Kitty Hell. Instead, the people at Sanrio came up with the “brilliant” idea to combine these two failures to produce Hello Kitty KISS toilet paper:

hello kitty kiss toilet paper

Any intelligent person would instantly think that I was making this up in an attempt to make Ms. Kitty look completely insane and intellectually challenged, but that is simply because they have never been exposed to the depths that the one with no mouth seems to be trying to single handedly take the entire world. The fact that this is probably only the beginning (rather than what should most definitely be the end) only confirms that there will undoubtedly be plenty of more excruciating painful combinations to come…

Sent in by so many people that I have serious doubts for any future hope of the human race…

14 thoughts on “KISS Toilet Paper”

  1. Everybody now sing along:
    I was made to hate Hello Kitty.
    You were made to irritate me.

    HK KISS dunny paper. What next?

  2. might be a dumb question but who is Kiss? and what does the hello kitty toilet paper actually look like underneath the wrapping? i might want- if it’s truly cute enough!

    • Who’s Kiss? Are you serious?! Check them out on YouTube, they are just one of the most famous rock groups in the last 40yrs, lol. Some might even dare say that KISS is as comercialized w/branded crap as much as Hello Kitty…

      • Yes, a collaboration between KISS and HK is a match made in sell out Hell. Gene Simmons (bassist for those not familiar) will put the KISS name on anything, just like Sanrio with HK. KISS Kasket, anyone?

  3. Double WIN!! as you get to rub your $h!t in both HK’s and Gene Simmons’ faces at once!

    @Sanriobaby – You are so right in your July 26th at 7:47PM; Gene is enough of an @$$hole to have sued people who were raising money for charity dressed as K!$$.

    • I have to buy some of this to send To Axl Rose because of all the awful things Gene Simmons said about him!!! I need to find some. Ebay here I come!

    • ok i get you don’t like hello kitty or kiss but do you have to be inappropriate about it? that first thing you said wasn’t funny- but was just plain creepy.. i’m just saying…


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