Well, I guess if you’re going to go into a zombie fight against the evil feline (which is undoubtedly how the world will end, because there is simply nothing that could be more terrifying than the Hello Kitty apocalypse), you are going to need to prepare yourself against more than a Hello Kitty chainsaw since you know you will be fighting horrors like this and this. Obviously, the Hello Kitty hatchet will be their weapon of choice when they come after you at a short distance:

hello kitty ax

It’s already been well established that the cat with no mouth loves her weapons and this seems almost tame in comparison to some of the others she has developed to end you life. Still, the fact that she wants to kill everyone as violently as possible (if she can’t submit you to her horror of “love and happiness”) pretty much assures that all will die some sort of Hello Kitty hellish death…

Sent in by Danny

9 thoughts on “Hatchet”

  1. This looks homemade and it looks like they did a crap job of it too. Did they actually use sneaker laces?!!!! Ugghhhhhh, I can’t stand when people decide to make a DIY project featuring HK and have it looking like a sad mess and then putting it out to the rest of the world to see it. Trust us, we don’t! While I would LOVE to do something with HK, I know my skill level and have respectfully choose not to ruin the image of HK, but that’s just me 😉

  2. I wouldn’t trust that thing even without the Hello Kitty stuff.

    That ax-head has “improper projectile” written all over it…

  3. I am a huge HK fan myself, but I can totaly understand why you would recent having all that Kitty-cuteness forced on you!
    Still I think it’s great that you are willing to suffer, so your wife can enjoy her collection! ^-^

    One aspect of my collection is trying to find the most ugly HK item I can get my hands on….and I think you of all people will agree that there are a lot of realy ugly and strange HK items out there!!
    So ofcourse I would like to winn these…let’s say unique glasses!! They’ll would be at the top of my list of ugly Hello Kitty items!
    Greetings from Holland!

  4. sorry, I placed my comment under the wrong post.
    But…welll…this item would quallify too for making it on my most ugly HK item list…..
    (Who would spend time making such a thing?)


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