President 2012

In today’s political climate, there seems to be very little that conservatives and liberals can agree upon. At first glance, there could be nothing worse in conservative minds than the reelection of Obama, while liberal cringe at the thought of a president Romney. But the reality is that there is one things which we can all can agree would be the worst thing possible no matter your party affiliation:

hello kitty president

Sometimes all it takes is how bad things really could be for people to realize that, politically, we aren’t nearly as divided as it might first appear…

Sent in by Jenny

10 thoughts on “President 2012”

  1. Fortunately for you, she is not a viable candidate. Although she does barely meet the minimum age requirement, Hello Kitty was born in Japan.

  2. I think this is a great way to introduce how we elect our leaders to young children. What a fun and neat way to learn how and why it’s important to vote!

  3. …Hello Kitty was born in London, she could never be president 😛

    But anywho, I would vote for her! >:D And I am buying some of her campaign wear. :3

    • Thanks for unnecessarily bringing actual politics into a humorous post. Because nothing, anywhere, should be politicized, not even a WTF Hello Kitty blog.

  4. Is not everything a political act whether its politics or politics with a capital P? The very act of choosing merchandise with Hello Kitty on is political for she is an emblem for capitalism and Western desire for stuff. Why is this? Why is she a global phenomenon? Why not another cartoon? You could say this is political, tied to notions of Japanese export domination over world trade of goods.

    The point of the blog is to show how she gets into and on everything and anything including Politics with a capital P. (and how annoying that is for Mr. HKH)


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