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It seems that when you live in Hello Kitty Hell, the evil feline derives a sadistic pleasure in trying to find ways to ruin any and all things that might provide the tiniest bit of pleasurable relief from her existence. Take, for example, going to the movie theater. One would assume that barring having to sit through some type of unfathomably tortuous Hello Kitty movie, the theater would be a pretty safe place to escape from the horrendous onslaught of all things with the mouthless cat on them. Of course, that assumption would be a huge mistake because it has been well established that there is virtually nothing that she hasn’t branded in some way. It seems that nobody will now be able to go to a movie theater without the fear that they’ll end up sitting in a nightmare of a place like this:

Hello Kitty movie theater

Getting beyond the fact (I know, it really is impossible) that it appears that someone simply vomited Pepto Bismol all over the walls and seats after a long night of consuming Hello Kitty Pink Goose vodka, it really is one of the scariest places that one could ever find themselves. There would be absolutely no reason to have to show a horror movie in the above theater because nothing could instill as much fear as having to spend a few hours in the dark in such a hideous place. I imagine that the cells at all terrorist detention centers look eerily similar to this. And just when you think that things could never get any worse, imagine the high pitch squeals of delight from Hello Kitty fanatics bursting your eardrums like nails slowly digging as deep as they can into a chalkboard (I know that in reality that the nails on chalkboard would be like heavenly music compared to the squeals of joy, but I think that you all know by now that nothing can really portray anything close to the pure agony that comes with living in Hello Kitty Hell…)

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  3. oh, my, God… on… every… single… seat… how much is enough already???

    (They could have at least put the evil feline’s likeness on the SEAT of the chair instead of the back.)


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