Macy's Parade New Balloon

When it comes to Thanksgiving and giving thanks to the things in our lives, I think I can say with a fair amount of certainty that the evil feline invading my life is not something which will ever make my list. In fact, Hello Kitty is pretty much the opposite of anything that anyone should be thankful for, and definitely not something that most people want to see on a day of giving thanks. Apparently the people at Macy’s see things a bit differently and want to inflict a new kind of misery upon the masses since the old version didn’t seem to be bad enough (with the obvious consequences that everyone will be relieving themselves of their Thanksgiving Day meal). Thus Macy’s has seen fit to introduce a new Hello Kitty Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon:

Hello Kitty Macy's Thanksgiving parade balloon

If there was ever a time to hope that a plane would crash, burn and blow up into a million pieces, I certainly think this would fit the bill. Now that would be something to truly be thankful for….

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7 thoughts on “Macy's Parade New Balloon”

  1. I had a nightmare about one of those balloons crushing me. I would hope that one didn’t crush me or I’m taking all Sanrio’s money.


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