There are bad ideas, and then there are ideas that have simply been created to infuse the vast majority of the human population with utter and total disgust. While most items branded by the evil feline fall somewhere in between these points, it seems that more and more are finding their way closer the “total disgust” side of the spectrum. Case in point — there really can be no other reason for the invention of the Hello Kitty stockings than to recreate those revolting dry heaves that you get in the morning after drinking far too much tequila the night before. Don’t believe me? Take a look and let the queasiness begin…

hello kitty stockings

hello kitty stocking pantyhose

hello kitty leggings

hello kitty stocking pantyhose

I’m not sure why any woman would ever want to wear these except to repel every sane person in the world. Could there ever be a better advertisement letting the world know that any association with this person will entail a never ending miserable life of Hello Kitty Hellishness?

Sent in by steph (via MAM Avantguard)

Update: You know that they wouldn’t be able to stop with just the ones above…

Hello Kitty stockings

Sent in by Lori

6 thoughts on “Stockings”

  1. Eek. I don’t wear nude colored clothing and that includes stockings. The second one is kinda cute but my tattoos would show through and that would look really strange. I don’t know who wears stockings any more and kids aren’t going to want to wear them. Serious fail and icky.

  2. Those are so freakin hot….I can only imagine just how insanely hot the Japanese girls in Japan that are sportin those are…..that is so damn sexy it totally defies description…

  3. I would have worn these in high school in a heart beat because I went to private school and cute tights/stockings were one of the few things that could set you apart. But I would have like them better if these tights came in a opague options….

  4. OMG I LOVE them. I need them. Especially the first ones. Must get several of those. but at least one of each so id have the collection. Dear HKH Man, please send them to me. Wonder if these are hold ups or suspenders? I kinda hope the ltter, cause then the belt is bound to be next, course i could make one…oh boy. Project time!

    Also, Storm, ummm lots of people wear stockings…….they’re pretty sexy.


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