High Heels

I guess it was only a matter of time before Hello Kitty shoes would find a way to look similar to Hello Kitty phones. I’m not exactly why anyone would want to walk around with these on their feet other than repel every other human being on the planet, so I guess that anyone delusional enough to wear these is actually doing all humans a service in warning them to stay as far away as possible. Could there really be any other reaction to these Hello Kitty high heels?

Hello Kitty 3 inch heels

I guess that the only good thing about these is that there is a pretty good chance (knowing the quality of goods the evil feline produces) that the heel will break and the fanatic wearing them will fall and break her neck — well, we can wish at least…

Sent in by Julie

And more hideousness:

Hello Kitty sparkle high heels

Sent in by Florence

hello kitty face heels

Sent in by Sophie

sparkly pink heels

Sent in by Melissa Hazim Carisi

Hello Kitty pink boot heels

Sent in by Selena

Hello Kitty black high heel shoes

Sent in by Fiona

red 5 inch heels

Sent in by laura

10 thoughts on “High Heels”

  1. I were still in high school and going to prom, I would have totally rocked these! Now, if these shoes were made a lot better, I would have also worn these on my wedding day if 1- they came in a light shade of blue (as my something blue), 2- if they were reasonably comfortable to wear for a a day, and 3- if they were made with real Swarovski cystals and done with the same level of quality as those amazing Judith Leiber bags! Now those would be some AMAZING HELLO KITTY SHOES!!!!!!


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