Wedding Dress Disaster

There are far too many fanatics out there who dream about wearing a wedding dress covered in faces of the evil feline. Even worse, they believe this would actually be a great way to celebrate a day that would undoubtedly be a preview to the unrelenting torture they plan to inflict on their partner for the rest of his life (we won’t even go into the engagement ring, the wedding rings, the wedding tiara, the wedding cake and all the other assorted excruciating painful crap that will have to be endured). What these fanatics fail to realize is that on that special day, this is what they are going to end up looking like:

Hello Kitty pink wedding dress

No future partner, friend or family member should ever have to endure such complete hideousness, but the sad fact of the matter is that this is likely just the tip of the iceberg of the Hello Kitty Hell they will see in the years to come…

Sent in by Laura

10 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Disaster”

  1. Going to have to call “fake” on this one. The colors are too bright, and on her left shoulder (right side of the pic, of course) the bright pinks aren’t even muted by the veil that SHOULD be there.

    That, or I’m just really hoping it’s fake.

  2. That’s a funny photoshop. That lady is fugly and so is the bottom of her dress.
    But the top half is kinda cute. I cannot tell if the dress is fake or not on my cell phone display.

  3. Not a bad dress hardly a disaster, If that’s my bride I be very happy man (honeymoon at Puroland)

    This my be a photo shop but I wonder, looking at the eyes of the group, all are looking at the same spot, this may be one of those virtual dressing rooms.

    My you have to sit though 100 Hello Kitty Weddings MR HKH

  4. Awful photoshop job, not to mention, that dress is hideous in any color, even w/o HK on it. I believe a HK wedding dress CAN be done tastefully if it’s done in white, but the HK logo has to be quite modest and not overtake the entire design of the dress.


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