Shower Head

When it comes to the evil feline, there are few things worse than having to confront her in the early morning before you are fully awake. With the last remnants of sleep still keeping your mind somewhat foggy, there’s absolutely no way to believe anything other than you’re suspended in some intensely bad dream when confronted with Miss Kitty and all her horrors. Knowing this, the Hello Kitty shower head is one of the most evil and sheer terror producing items that she has decided to brand.

hello kitty shower head

Think about it. You wake up and head off to take your morning shower. You close your eyes, lean back and place your head under the warm stream of water. Relaxed and thinking that you are ready to begin the day, you make the terrible mistake of opening your eyes to see the cat that is supposed to have no mouth vomiting water all over you. This is definitely not how anyone should begin their day.

Even worse, you know that regular water spewing all over you would not be enough. There is no doubt that the shower head was created with a specially formulated substance inside to grow pink shower slime within it. After only a few uses, you’ll have Kitty vomiting a pink slime stream onto your head each and every morning. You know you are living in Hello Kitty Hell when not showering for months on end is the positive alternative…

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9 thoughts on “Shower Head”

  1. I like hello kitty.. but this just looks stupid! Although most hello kitty things that I have seen I like, this is not one of them.

  2. As much as I love HK, if this is an actual Sanrio item, then it’s an absolute FAIL! The whole thing just looks creepy, weird, and odd…


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