Brass Knuckles Ring

There is no doubt that Hello Kitty likes her rings. She expects her loyal fans to wear them at every stage of their lives, including when they get engaged and even when they get married. But what is a fanatic to do when someone with common sense points out how hideous that ring actually is? Have no fear — that is exactly the situation where the Hello Kitty brass knuckle ring comes into play:

hello kitty brass knuckles ring

What could be more Kitty like than wearing a big bow on your hand so that you can sucker punch someone who doesn’t agree with your fanaticism (with all the love and kindness that the evil feline professes, of course). I’m sure that this was created with the sole purpose to brand those who actually have a grasp of reality for life with a bow-scar across their face (with bonus points if the fanatic manages to create that scar on the left side of their forehead). There is probably the ulterior motive to make those who refuse to succumb to the HK brainwashing to suffer immeasurably more in a the worst hospital possible as they recover from the injury. It’s all part of the ongoing plan of world domination and eventual Hello Kitty hell for all that she envisions…

Sent in by Kelly P.

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