There is a never ending conflict that the evil feline must address on what is more important to her — living up to the expectation that she has as a role model of love and friendship for the young, or making money. Obviously the “love and friendship” side won out with the Hello Kitty flask, because we all know how important it is to impress upon children the need to consume vast amounts of alcohol:

hello kitty flask

Of course, if you are going to encourage the consumption of alcohol, you need to do so in a variety of different themed Kitty flasks to earn the most be a role model:

Hello Kitty pink flask

Hello Kitty drink flask

hello kitty face flask

hello kitty wedding flask

I guess in certain ways it makes sense. There is an obvious a great need to dull the pain as much as possible when having to deal with Ms. Kitty, and we all know that she knows how to make a buck off of her target audience…

Sent in by Emily

6 thoughts on “Flask”

  1. i have one. it’s not bejewled. as a matter of fact, it looks as if someone glued a metal plate w HK’s face on it to a plain flask. but i love it. haven’t used it yet, but i shall get sooooooooooooo shnockered when i do! :p

  2. For the abusive alcoholic mother on the go who is still mentally twelve years old, and will become less intelligent the more she drinks and beats her kids in public.

  3. I’ve seen a few of these over the years and some are better than others. The first one is overkill IMO, but the second and fourth ones are cute. Clearly this is not meant for the underage fans but if you’re a fan of HK and of legal drinking age, I see nothing wrong with owning a HK flask.

  4. Known uses of a hipflask:-

    1) Taking alcoholic spirits to places where it’s legit (if sometimes ill-advised) to drink your own, like going hunting, watching sporting events, trail-walking…
    2) Sneaking same into venues like night-clubs.

    Neither of these seem like activities for a 6-YO girl!


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