Once again, there is no doubt that the evil feline knows her market. She goes out and produces mass amounts of junk, but somehow convinces the fanatics that the junk is actually valuable. And what are these fanatics to do when they have all this junk that they have been brainwashed into thinking is something that other people will covet? Sell them even more junk in the form of a Hello Kitty safe:

Hello Kitty safe

In some ways, this is actually pretty ingenious, although probably not in the way that Sanrio intended. Seriously, if any thief were to break into a home and come across this, chances are they wouldn’t even touch it. They would take one look at it and instantly realize that the potential horrors which were likely to be found inside were not worth the risk of opening it up. Instead, they would run out of the house as quickly as possible knowing that life is far too precious than to ever subjugate yourself to something as terrifying as what would be inside a Hello Kitty safe. And the fact that this is how hardened criminals would react further cements the depths of Hello Kitty Hell to which the world has succumbed…

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5 thoughts on “Safe”

  1. That is 3 different safes. They are all sweet….I would definitely want the black one. I actually have enough ultra rare HK collectibles to fill it up.

  2. I would totally purchase a HK safe if I could afford it and if it met all the safety guidelines that other safes must meet. I’m in need of a safe now and would love to find out how much these are in US dollars and where to purchase them. These three safes are really cute!

    • As far as I can see, the smallest of the 3 is marked at just under $4500. Going by the accompanying text being kanji, I’d expect that to be Hong Hong dollars.

  3. I have to admit, I kind of like this. I think most of the stuff on this site is cute, but just too over the top or even weird. This isn’t so bad. I actually have a safe and hated it because its just this ugly black box. I covered it with damask print contact paper and not only does it look cute but it blends in now. So I guess if your house was wall to wall Hello Kitty this would be perfect, sort of like natural camouflage. 🙂


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