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One of the worst parts of knowing someone who loves the cat-with-no-mouth is that they can’t keep their fanaticism to themselves. They feel the uncontrollable desire to make everyone in their life as miserable as possible by making everything about the Sanrio character which everyone with an ounce of common sense loathes with a passion. While that in itself is painful enough for the vast majority of us living in Hello Kitty Hell, the fanatics can’t leave it there (surprise, surprise). They’re willing to go to any and all lengths to Kittify all those around them that can’t defend themselves. Just look what happens if you’re a cat of a fanatic. Or a dog. or a baby.

Of course, even this isn’t as far as the fanatics will go. We already know that fanatics are willing to ink their dogs with the evil feline, so it’s really a surprise that they would ink their baby with a tattoo as well?

Hello Kitty tattoo on baby

See that look of pain and anguish on the baby’s face? That’s a face that every person who knows a HK fanatic expresses at least once a day (and sometimes, for those who are truly unlucky and are living with a fanatic, it’s permanently etched there). If you ever happen to go on a date with someone who professes a passion for Hello kitty, please remember this look because that is the look you’ll be wearing far too often if your common sense doesn’t kick in and you don’t run as far away as possible…

Sent in by Laura Y.

13 thoughts on “Baby Tattoo”

  1. I do hope you are joking as it’s clearly fake. A lot of people who commented on your facebook actually thought it was real. It’s one of those lick and place tattoos that I had a tonne of when I was a kid. Though I never had any HK ones. Also the person is holding a whisk not a needle. I think you should at least mention at the end of the post that it’s not real so the people on fb would stop with their accusations about the parents.

    • If the people on Facebook are that stupid then let them be… ANYONE who enlarges the picture can see for themselves that it isn’t a real tattoo. That being said I think the baby is too little for a temp tattoo. They can cause skin irritation, especially the red. This is a decal tattoo, not a lick-and-stick, so it contains more than just food dye. I’m covered in tattoos and I’m sure it would be a cute picture to have my baby in fake tattoos but at least wait until they aren’t a newborn before you slap something that isn’t regulated and could contain lead onto your kid’s arm. That and it’s Hello Kitty. Yeah, he’s going to love it when his mom shows this to his girlfriend when he’s 14.

      • Oh definitely too small for a temp tattoo. I don’t know which is worse this or the new moon one. I think they could have waited before they decided to do this. I had them when I was about 6 or 7. Though mine were the lick and stick ones. Like the Ninja Turtle ones. I do love Hello Kitty but I would never force it on a child ever. I would wait till my child was older and if they liked her then maybe but only if they liked her. It’s going to be weird for the kids whose lives are being heavily documented via social networking sites to be able to find their life story online. Even the ones who have a facebook prepared for them since birth and some while in the womb.

    • I do hope YOU realize it’s satire, like everything else on here, and that of COURSE Hello Kitty Hell knows it’s fake. It’s not Hello Kitty Hell’s responsibility to “inform” anyone of anything, because, as formerly stated, this IS a satire site and it’s not Hello Kitty Hell’s job to educate people who are too stupid to know the difference between a mixer whisk and a tattoo gun. If people have issues with the whole deal, guess they better either A. Buy a sense of humor, or, more likely, B. Stay the hell off of Hello Kitty Hell Facebook, because clearly you’re too sensitive and/or stupid to understand most of what’s on it or here.

      I personally LOVE the fact that idiots everywhere on FB are stupid enough to be shitting Hello Kitties over this whole thing! LMAO!!!!! Serves them right for being morons. Secondly, what I love even MORE is Hello Kitty Hell’s responses to said idiots on the FB page, i.e. people who are “mortified” with how “dark” things are getting on here/there—which is basically, Hello Kitty Hell doesn’t give a crap WHAT you think. AMEN TO THAT. Rock on, Hello Kitty Hell. 😉

      • I do know it’s satire, or I wouldn’t be here? I do think it’s funny that people thought it was real mostly due to the fact he is clearly holding a whisk.

  2. Like other this looks too fake to be true. May your wife get you drunk and you wake up with a Hello Kitty tattoo on your but and wang for defaming Hello Kitty Mr. HKH.

  3. Mr. HKH- This has got to be one of the WORST posts you have ever put on your site, mainly b/c it’s so lame. I found no satire in it, there was nothing clever or remotely funny about this pic or your commentary. In fact, I’ve become pretty disappointed in you as of late and I know I’m not the only loyal follower that feels this way. It’s like you’ve lost your will to hate HK and have put forth no real effort to find the wacky, interesting, rare, or crazy things Sanrio has put out or the depths of those obsessed w/HK will go. The site used to be fun, not only for those who hate HK, but for those who love her too. Now it’s just postings of stuff that isn’t even that weird, cool, or crazy anymore. You’ve got to do better…..

    • Perhaps MR. HKH has finally ran out to things to blog about ;).

      If only if it was true MR. HKH has lost his will to hate Hello Kitty I would buy his a beer and his first Hello Kitty plush.

      I been watching this blog since 2008 , when I confessed as a male I bought a hello Hello Kitty plush. Now I have over 54 plus other items to tun my apartment to a hello Kitty museum. I seen his blog rise form an obscure rant to one academia quote in desertions and lectures about Hello Kitty like the recent book Pink Globalization
      All These years MR HKH has not changed his purpose of his blog, a place for him to vent. To that I say good luck. I think the Chances of Mr. HKH getting tired is that to him stopping me form adding another HK plush to the grown pile of plushies I sleep with: little to none. Good Night Mr. HKH

  4. I’ve actually seen this picture before. It’s of a sweet little girl who passed away from SMA (spinal muscular atrophy). Before her passing, her parents created a ‘bucket list’ of things to do with and for her. In a joking, fun-loving manner, they had ‘get a tattoo’ as one of her bucket list items. Of course it is fake. May this little angel rest in peace. This little girls name is Avery Canahuati if you wanted to look her up.

  5. *=* Lol, is fake, sorry xD
    Really, is a 1 of 2 pieces of electric mixer.
    So, is always awesome, in real life is not really good idea, is dangerous for baby.
    I speak french and some english.


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