Airline Boarding Pass Machines

It seems that the TSA has figured out a less expensive and 100% effective way to make the skies safe. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars to screen each individual before going into the boarding area, they have figured out how to get those without any common sense to reveal themselves (probably without them even realizing it). There would really be no other logical reason for the Hello Kitty boarding pass machines (unless there is a secret campaign taking place by other forms of transportation to get people not to fly, because anyone who stumbled across these probably would feel so nauseated that they would be unable to board a plane).

hello kitty airline ticket machines

It’s pretty simple and ingenious if you think about it. Anyone who would willingly go up and get a boarding pass out of one of these machines would have to be insane. Even better, all these people could quickly be loaded onto an appropriate plane where if it does get blown up in the sky, nobody would really care all that much. And if you think about it, anyone that had to go to these machines to get their boarding passes probably is looking for some type of quick death because it surely would be a lot less painful than having to deal with a fanatic that thought getting these tickets would be a good idea…

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3 thoughts on “Airline Boarding Pass Machines”

  1. Before I was turned on to your blog, I was feeling very sad, isolated and depressed due to a lack of snark and pointed sarcasm in my life. But after reading your blog, and specifically your FAQ section, I feel I can carry on.
    Thank you, Hello Kitty Hell Man.

  2. Pink machine greatness. Now why dont banks take note (actually banks do take notes ha ha ha) and have pink Hello Kitty machine joy outside their branches? Hello kitty shaped number pad and animated kitty taking you through the boring steps of getting your money out. A world run by cats and pink machines would be brilliant.


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