Comic Con

If you were planning to attend Comic Con is San Diego later this month, you might want to serious reconsider. Apparently, the evil feline will be there in full force with her (and I’m not making this up — this is a quote from their press release) “band of Lolitas, who personify anime, cosplay and the colorful style of Japanese pop culture, will host fans at the experience” to make sure that everyone wishes that they never attended. Let’s just pray that fanatics don’t dress up like they did at Dragoncon (NSFW or your life)

Hello Kitty comic convention 2013

There is also to be a “Kitty-chan Secret Space” which “is a nod to superfans and a clue that this Comic-Con Hello Kitty is truly distinct.” Since it only takes a single super fanatic of the cat-with-no-mouth to annoy an entire country, having superfans all collected together is a situation where a mass suicide of all the other attendees who simply can’t stand the fanatics any longer is a distinct possibility.

If you thought that things couldn’t get any worse, you’d, of course, be wrong. Also at Comic Con will be the debut of “Hello Kitty Fashion Music Wonderland: A new graphic novel” which will undoubtedly be far worse than it even sounds. So, if you’re planning to attend Comic Con, it’s very much attend at your own risk…

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