Hello Kitty Baby

Once again Hello Kitty Hell proves that it can always get worse…

You knew it had to happen eventually. If Hello Kitty fanatics were willing to place Hello Kitty heads on cats and dogs, it didn’t take much of a leap to know they would eventually do it to their own babies as well:

Hello Kitty baby

This is so obviously wrong that I don’t know where to even begin. Isn’t there a law somewhere that states completely humiliating your child for the rest of their life is some sort of child abuse? If there isn’t, this is the perfect proof that there should be.

Of course, my wife thinks this is “the cutest thing ever” which means that I will have to endure something similar if we ever have kids. While I do worry that such antics will scar the kids for life, I’m sure that having to deal with Hello Kitty child cuteness will scar me far more since it will only fuel the Hello Kitty Hell flames taking it to a whole other level…

Sent in by Mhkitty who should be punished in unthinkable ways for putting the thought of this into my wife’s mind and seeding my nightmares for the rest of the month…

Hello Kitty Hot and Sexy

I’ve grown used to getting email from Hello Kitty fans that take issue with my disgust of Hello Kitty to the point that they even wish death upon me, but this email was a change of pace. It is the first time I have received an email telling me that I don’t appreciate the “sexiness” and “hotness” of Hello Kitty:

in your hello kitty daze of hate, you fail to realize that hello kitty is the sexiest thing ever. there is nothing hotter than a girl dressed in only a hello kitty t-shirt and panties. Check these out!! hello kitty in all her sexiness. there is no way that you can say you hate hello kitty after seeing these!!

Here are the photos attached with the email:

Hello Kitty sexy

Hello Kitty sexy fashion

Hello Kitty sexy emo

Hello Kitty in bed

Hello Kitty necklace

Despite the urgings of the email, I still found myself in the bathroom relieving myself of caloric intake from the afternoon meal. There is something very wrong when Hello Kitty and sex appeal mix that should be obvious, but apparently some people don’t see. Furthermore, if it is Hello Kitty that is turning you on and not the woman herself, then you have created your own Hello Kitty Hell.

But in all fairness, I will let the readers judge since I do live in Hello Kitty Hell which does tend to warp perceptions when everything comes to you in shades of pink. Do these photos, because of the Hello Kitty theme, mean that Hello Kitty doesn’t have to be Hell or is this simply another attempt by the evil feline to brainwash every last soul into thinking that there can be times when Hello Kitty “isn’t all that bad?”

Sent in by greg who deserves to spend his life with a Hello Kitty fanatic for thinking that sending me these photos would be a good idea or that they would somehow relieve me from Hello Kitty Hell…

Hello Kitty For Men

Stop! Take your hand off the mouse and don’t even think of clicking the “send” on the email to let me know about Hello Kitty for Men – yes, I’m fully aware that they exist, and (unfortunately) I have been for a few months now:

Hello Kitty for men

While the entire concept of Hello Kitty for men is disturbing, the emails themselves have been just as disturbing. First and foremost, there is something seriously wrong when I log into my email account and have 62 emails informing me about this news. This not to mention the people who have left the link in various threads on the blog.

Think about this for a minute — 62 readers read about something Hello Kitty and for some inexplicable reason thought it would be a good idea to send me an email about it. That in itself shows the Hello Kitty Hell I live in…

I have grown to expect emails from clueless Hello Kitty fanatics that somehow think that, despite the name of my blog and what I write about the evil feline, that I get excited about stuff like this. They have distorted their world view so much that they believe that I would feel the Hello Kitty for Men concept is a good thing:

“Have you heard?? Sanrio is going to be debuting a line of HK products for men! Isn’t that awesome!?”

“Hello Kitty was made for men. I’m buying these for all the guys I know. Your wife will be too!”

While it’s disturbing that anyone would view this as a good thing, these are typical emails that one expects when living in Hello Kitty Hell. What was surprising this time around was the glee that seemed to accompany many of the emails of what this would mean for me. While many began with sympathy for my Hello Kitty Hell, they eventually showed their true colors of being enthusiastic about the further pain and suffering this was bound to cause.

“Dude, guess your life sucks more. Can’t wait to see photos.”

“I know you hate Hello Kitty, but your wife is going to love these and torture you more with them.”

“These are the ugliest things ever, but get used to it because it’s going to be your new wardrobe.”

“Welcome to your doom.”

I’m not sure if it is a good psychological sign that in addition to the Hello Kitty fanatics who seem unfathomably compelled to read this blog, there are also a good number of readers who get a sense of satisfaction and happiness from my Hello Kitty Hell. Or as one reader aptly wrote about Hello Kitty for men:

“Sure, my life sucks. But not as much as yours.”

Yep, that pretty much sums up Hello Kitty Hell…

PS – in the time it took me to write this post, 3 more emails informing me about this news arrived in my account…