Hello Kitty Hannibal Plush

Since anyone living in Hello Kitty Hell knows never to underestimate the lengths that a Hello Kitty fantatic will go to create Hello Kitty tattoo combinations that will almost certainly haunt them (and us) for the rest of their lives, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of these fanatics will take the horror they create a step further. While it’s obvious to anyone with even an ounce of sanity that the Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter tattoo should have been the end (or rather, never even contemplated) of this evil feline mashup, we are talking about a Hello Kitty fanatic here. Thus, the obviousl next step was to create a Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter plush:

hello kitty hannibal plush

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Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter Tattoo

If there is one thing that you can say about Hello Kitty fanatics, it is that they have created far more than their fair share of what becomes major tattoo regret the second they realize what that have inked on their bodies. One would think that the Hello Kitty fanatic would learn something from this and decide that Hello Kitty tattoo combinations are to be avoided at all cost. Of course, you would be wrong as the Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter tattoo once again demonstrates that there is no end to the number of Hello Kitty tattoos that make you shake your head and wonder “wtf were they thinking?”:

Hello Kitty Hannibal Lecter tattoo

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