Duct Tape Bra

I knew that things weren’t going to be good as soon as Hello Kitty duct tape came to existence. This was quickly confirmed with the Hello Kitty duct tape purse and then there was absolutely no doubt with the Hello Kitty duct tape dress. Of course, fanatics of the evil feline couldn’t leave bad enough alone and decided that a Hello Kitty duct tape bra was in order:

Hello Kitty duct tape bra

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Hello Kitty Duct Tape

The problem with Hello Kitty is that no matter what your profession, the evil feline will eventually find a way to infiltrate the way you make your living and permanently scar your sanity in the process. I have no doubt that handymen thought they were safe from the terror of Hello Kitty — oh, how wrong they were. Handymen around the world have undoubtedly died a little inside (and likely have constant nightmares that this will show up in their work box) with the introduction of Hello Kitty duct tape:

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