Hello Kitty: When It's Time To Run!

I get all kinds of strange emails asking me all kinds of things (mostly things that I already specifically tell people not to ask me, but what else would be expected from a Hello Kitty fanatic?) I also get a disproportional amount of emails from people asking me to place photos on my blog to make Hello Kitty fanatics happy. In the strange Hello Kitty fanatic world it seems to be a good thing to be placed on this blog which basically means I will ignore the email in most cases. For example, I would in most cases simply ignore the following request:

Hello I am writing to you about a great woman 27 years old mother of two children, she is fan of Hello Kitty and even has two Hello Kitty tattoos that are unique, so we wanted to make a surprise for her birthday which is October 22. If you could publish the tattoos it will make her so happy even if after you delete the post.

It is part of living in Hello Kitty Hell that Hello Kitty fanatics seem to think that I have a desire to make them happy. Believe me, I don’t and I have no feelings of remorse when I place most of them in the trash. That is exactly what I was going to do when I accidentally hit the link in the email and was faced with this horrendous sight:

Hello Kitty love photo

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