Hello Kitty Gangster Car

It’s not often that the initial reaction of my wife to something with the evil feline on it is one of puzzlement, but that is exactly what her reaction was when she saw the Hello Kitty gangster car. She sat silent for several minutes studying the photo before looking at me and matter of factly stating, “But the car isn’t even cute.” I think this is a first that the evil feline has failed to cutify (I know, that isn’t even a word, but I know I’ve heard Hello Kitty fanatics use it before) something she has been placed on in the eyes of my wife…

Hello Kitty gangster car

First sent in by ~Dawn C (then by far too many people after that) via People of Walmart

Update: A pimp car to go with the gangster car:

Hello Kitty pimp car

Sent in by gloria (via sojones)