Hello Kitty Yarn

Hello Kitty fanatics will buy anything that is branded Hello Kitty. My wife pays 3x as much for “Hello Kitty” yarn when she knits. Of course, this is simply regular yarn with a Hello Kitty label, but this makes no difference to her. It’s Hello Kitty so it’s the only yarn that will do:

Hello Kitty Yarn White

Hello Kitty Yarn Black

Hello Kitty Yarn Red

Of course, being that this is Hello Kitty Hell, I actually don’t mind paying 3x the going price for Hello Kitty yarn because I always think that it could be worse. One day in the not to distant future, they are going to make yarn with Hello Kitty actually in the yarn itself and then I will have to wear Hello Kitty sweaters, hats and gloves all winter long…

15 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Yarn”

  1. I’m a knitter and Hello Kitty fan, but I can’t see the point of this yarn. I mean, it’s just yarn with a Hello Kitty label on it. They could have done so much more, it’s sad.

  2. For many years, I was a lover, a collector, nay – a follower – of the Hello Kitty way of life. I was always told I would never get married due to my overwhelming red and pink cartoon cat decor. Now, I see having an unhealthy obsession with Hello Kitty does not stop a man from marrying you. I have foresaken my penchant for the pink, yet no weddedness has manifested. Your website has made me immensely unhappy. However, your site is unceasingly entertaining! There is laughter in my tears while I read about your Hello Kitty hell.

  3. Omg whenever I feel depressed i think of the torment you must live with… HELLO KITTY SHOULD, nay, MUST BE ERADICATED. The flash disc, the underwear, the darth vader (i wet myself laughing at that one), the crop circle, the mouse and matching pad, HELLO KITTY IS INVADING US ALL! I can’t wait to see what you had the misfortune of recieving for christmas… and i still fail to see the “fan site” that all hello kitty lovers see when they arrive here… HOW DELUDED CAN YOU BECOME BECAUSE OF A CARTOON CAT? I now leave you and your hello kitty hell…..
    You have my pity…..

  4. Oh, my.

    I’m a knitter, and the combination of obsessive-knitting-to-the-point-where-the-yarn-stash-has-its-own room and Hello Kitty fanaticism is, to be frank, beyond disturbing. A knitter AND a Hello Kitty fan?! Quelle horreur!

  5. Dang, there really are no words…

    I got a link to this blog from a knitting website. Never before have I kinda wanted to go to hell before. I get that this is just regular yarn with a cute label, but I’m still gasping for air and desperate to find it online anyway. I’m scaring myself.

    Your wife is a lucky lady.

  6. I ran into this a few days ago and I’ll have to second the voice of the one lady who claimed you ‘saved her life’… in my case, however, you saved not only my life but my marriage. I kid you not.

    For MONTHS I’d been obsessing over a $120.00 sewing machine in pale green color emblazoned with HK’s facade. I thought it was the cutest thing. I’d go to the store (name witheld to save the innocent) and just stare, or hug it. …

    At least I always had the sense to save what money we had for better things. You know, like food… or bills.. or an emergency. (See, right now, I don’t NEED a sewing machine. I just wanted that one. Its not like I’m going to need the damned thing to darn a sock.)

    When I proclaimed that HK and her Sanrio friends were not allowed in the house, my husband rejoiced as he could see me slipping into that HK dementia if given the chance. (I had also spied some bento boxes I wanted…and the toaster for some odd reason… even the floor buffer… and we don’t even eat toast or hardwood/tile floors!!)

    Thank you, a billion times over.

    — I also hope your wife snaps out of it, but I don’t think that’s even possible at this point in time.


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