Hello Kitty Sake Rice Wine

Last year at this time my wife and I almost had a first in Hello Kitty Hell – a Hello Kitty item that both my wife and I agreed upon was worth buying: Hello Kitty Sake (rice wine). I figured if it could get me drunk, it couldn’t be all that bad of a thing and so I agreed that it was OK to buy it without any complaints.


Hello Kitty Sake

As you can see, we still have the bottle – once we had the bottle in hand and I was ready to break the seal and sip some of my reward for agreeing to get the Hello Kitty sake, I was told that I wasn’t allowed to drink it:

wife: “If you drink it, then we can no longer display it.”

me: “Isn’t drinking the point of buying sake?”

wife: “No, the point is to display it and enjoy how cute it is”

me: “…(thinking why didn’t I see this coming?)”

Of course, this year we are going to have to purchase another bottle that will never see my lips to keep last year’s bottle company…and a reminder that yet another year of Hello Kitty Hell just around the corner…

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Sake Rice Wine”

  1. i wouldnt open it, i would walk to the sanario head quaters, open it there, pour it all over the chief desighner and then set him on fire, the scream at the top of my voice DIE DIE DIE!!! then buy him a Hello Kitty tomb stone and pee on it.

  2. Dude…tell your wife that A) I drink LOTS of alcohol and have a collection of EMPTY bottles in my kitchen, and B) Hello Kitty would want you to have a good buzz. Isn’t she all about achieving happiness? X3

    (I’m a Hello Kitty fan but I find your blog hilarious. HK belongs on clothes and jewelry and such; MAYBE a bedding set, but some of the products you’ve shared are just plain ridiculous.)

  3. I bet the stuff tastes great. Because it has Hello Kitty on it. Like his wife said about the water it has Hello Kitty love in it.

  4. I, too, buy HK things and not use it, like the HK Rubik’s cube that I picked up in an airport while I had a layover in Japan. The cube is still in its original packaging.

  5. Ok, hang on…

    Now, I LOVE Hello Kitty. But, if I had that bottle of sake, I would drink the sake and keep the bottle. Of course, it wouldn’t be on display (I’d probably be forced to sleep outside if I even suggested it) but I would keep it.

  6. hmm, your wife is really strange 🙂 you should drink sake and keep the bottle. this is what ma family do with every alcohol, we have a nice collection of bottles in the kitchen


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