Hello Kitty iPod Clock Radio Docking Station

Well, several readers (thanks Sabine, Becky and Dan for your contribution to my Hello Kitty Hell) decided that I should know about the new Hello Kitty clock radio / docking station for Apple’s iPod. It’s nice to know that those that read about my Hello Kitty Hell want to see me to sink deeper into it’s depths…

Hello Kitty Clock Radio / iPod Dock

Of course, as soon as my wife got one look at it she decided that it was something that she had to have (like that was a surprise…). That means that I will soon have to wake up each morning to Hello Kitty and undoubtedly that awful Hello Kitty song:

Listen to that once (because I would never imagine torturing anyone by making them listen to it more than that) and imagine having to listen to it every single morning when you get up. That, my friends, is where my Hello Kitty Hell is heading with this newest gadget…

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty iPod Clock Radio Docking Station”

  1. I guess hello kitty is a bit like paris hilton, you have the VERY scary fanatics and then the people hwo love to hate her the same with hello kitty freaky lonely clinicly deprssed fanatics and us normal people who love to hate her but… does this mean we all secretly love everything todo with hello kitty and could our fraile little minds cope with the end of hello kitty [tempting] that song will be in my head for a decage now.

  2. Okay…I read your blog, from august 2006 to now (and am planning to read further) and I stumbled upon this…video. omg. The song is enough to send you into the depths of madness… Well you see…in a way I kinda understand you..I live in Nintendo hell (my little brother) heheh XD but I have to admit… The mario brother theme song is a lot better than this one.

  3. My God. That was so awful. I mean, that song was really, really bad. This is… my God. How do you keep your sanity?!

  4. I keep reading your posts and I’m actually convinced that you like hello kitty. How the hell are you able to handle this? lol
    And I like hello kitty. That’s a hello kitty fan speaking – not a fanatic one.
    But that would be too much!!!
    Man, if you’re really a man that is married to a woman like that, she should notice how wonderful you are and how much you love her lol
    I’m too curious! Why do you keep a blog like this one?!

  5. Maybe one morning you can “accidentally” hit the quiet bottom too hard and smash the entire thing…

    I bet it feels good just to think about the action and foget about the consequence =)

  6. I just played this song for my boyfriend. And he says to me “My stomach hurts.” I laugh at him thinking he is joking. Then he says “I’m serious. I feel like I haven’t eaten in eight weeks… or like I’m going to throw up…”. I guess Hello Kitty does really have this effect on boys. (He’s also never read this website, so I know it really ahs the same effect boys)

  7. The luxury of uninterrupted sleep looks to be at risk with this Hello Kitty clock at home. I pity you my friend, because the only thing worse than waking up to an irritating alarm is to wake up to a hello kitty song.

  8. I haven’t even gotten close to the current pages of your blog… but upon talking with a friend I feel I should warn you that apparently they make HK pads/tampons? If you haven’t already heard of them, consider yourself warned.


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