Hello Kitty Luggage

Now that we are back in Japan, I know that my Hello Kitty Hell will only increase in intensity. In the US, you can take a walk or drive and get away from Hello Kitty in times of desperation. When you live in Japan, however, there is no escaping Hello Kitty no matter where you go. Every shop has something Hello Kitty – it’s nauseating just thinking about it.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Hello Kitty Hell if I wasn’t bombarded with something Hello Kitty before we actually arrived in Japan. My wife decided that our current luggage, although perfectly functional, wasn’t cute enough. And of course, Hello Kitty luggage does exist:

Hello Kitty Luggage

Worst of all, they come in three patterns meaning that my wife wants all three. While I’m sure that Hello Kitty Hell will bring even more hideous tortures to me, at the moment I can’t think of anything less embarrassing than walking through a crowded airport dragging a Hello Kitty suitcase behind me…

Update: Now that we are planning our winter holiday, my wife thinks that what she needs is a new set of Hello Kitty luggage guaranteeing that our travels will be just as Hello Kitty Hellish as staying at home…

Hello Kitty luggage

Hello Kitty pink luggage

Hello Kitty suitcase

Hello Kitty roller luggage

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Hello Kitty pink suitcase

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hello kitty roller suitcase

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hello kitty suitcase

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hello kitty travel luggage

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34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Luggage”

  1. … oh wow. Seriously my condolences.. :/

    Probably some people mentioned these already, but I’ve seen 2 versions of a Hello Kitty GUN (yes you read correctly), and a Hello-Kitty sculpted molar (as in TEETH-MOLAR)…

    I’ll shut up now if you’re having seizures already.. ^^;

  2. It looks very nice. I will go to Japan with firends this month. Pls let me know can I buy it in Japan or somewhere & the unit price with many thanks.

  3. Unit price is like usd$260 i think. just go to the Sanrio shops and search all of them 😛
    lol has your wife bought all 3 yet? otherwise u are in luck! the new pattern only comes in 2 colours! 😛
    saves u some $$$ kekekekeke

  4. haha. in australia, where i live, you can buy hello kitty luggage at every target or big W stores! xD they have like a whole range of patterns and sizes. hehe!

  5. Interested in purchasing this particular luggage…any of the 3 colors…does anyone know where I can find it in the US…haven’t been able to find it on Sanrio.com anymore. 🙁 help!!!

  6. Does anyone know where these suitcases might be available? I’m trying to find a black one, in either size. I appreciate any tips that anyone may have – I’ve been looking for months with no luck!!!!!!!

  7. I think those suitcases only come in child sizes…aka you wouldn’t be able to drag them w/o bending over. that should be an efficient deterrent from buying them.

    As much as I love hello kitty, i would never go as far as to buy mcuh of this stuff

  8. I have a Konnichiwa Koneko fetish and am most happy when I can find Mimi in red and black. I finally found a suitcase in red and black which goes with my all red embossed Konnichiwa Koneko suitcase….which also comes in all pink or all black. And these 2 suitcases I speak about aren’t childrens size, and as the above poster stated they are absolutely puuurfect and kawaii.

  9. listen….if you hate Hello Kitty that’s fine but I personally think she’s the best thing ever made…and Hello Kitty Hell maybe you should suck it up or make your wife drag her own bag…it’s that simple.

  10. Look at it this way, it’s gonna be really hard to lose your luggage at the airport with those bags, and who in their right mind will actually want to try to steal them?!

  11. Dear HKH: I totally understand your stance in not supplying us crazed masses with info on how to obtain the various HK items you post (which, BTW, I love that you do this). What about others posting where they can be found? Is that OK? Thanks for this awesome site, and please, keep sharing!

  12. BTW–in case “starrygirl” comes back, I would LOVE to know where she saw that bag she posted (the last one on the image list)–I can’t find it to purchase anywhere! 🙁


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