Hello Kitty Golf Balls 2

It seems that one Hello Kitty fanatic didn’t appreciate my idea of having the Hello Kitty golf balls “accidentally find their way into (water) hazards one after another after I smack them as hard as I can” and decided to email my wife before I took off on my golf outing. Basically, the anonymous emailer said I was going to “abuse” Hello Kitty (I could make a pretty good argument that it’s not possible to abuse a golf ball when using it properly for a game it was designed for, but it wouldn’t matter because Hello Kitty fanatics don’t use logic when it comes to Hello Kitty) and my wife agreed.

To make a long story short, the previous golf balls were confiscated (to be displayed as part of your collection, of course) and I was given a set of three used Hello Kitty golf balls from her golf bag to use with the stern warning that they “all better return safely and don’t swing too hard.”

Hello Kitty Golf Ball

That sounds much more like the Hello Kitty Hell I’ve grown used to…

Hello Kitty Golf Balls

So some friends invited me to go play golf this weekend and my wife tells me that she has a gift for me to take when I’m golfing. I knew as soon as I saw the wrapped package what was coming. There was no doubt in my mind that the golf balls would be Hello Kitty – I just didn’t realize they would be 4 patterns of Hello Kitty:

Hello Kitty Golf Balls

When you’re out with your buddies golfing, pulling out a Hello Kitty golf ball doesn’t say a whole lot for your manliness, but I will definitely be taking these along with me (better than having them become yet another display item in our house). I have an odd feeling that when I come to water hazard holes, these Hello Kitty golf balls will somehow “accidentally” find their way into those hazards one after another…that is, after I smack them as hard as I can 😉

Hello Kitty Porsche

Why does this not surprise me? I post about a Hello Kitty car and a few hours later I have a photo of a Hello Kitty Porsche in my email inbox. While not quite as overdone as the Hello Kitty Ferrari, this is obviously another photoshopped car. Of course, this has little effect on my wife. She likes it. Which puts me into the ultimate Hello Kitty man quandary. I have a wife that will happily let me purchase a Ferrari or a Porsche (now what man wouldn’t like to have that spousal support), but only if it is Hello Kitty themed (sure puts a damper on that first point). Maybe our current car that is slowly being Hello Kittified isn’t as bad as I first thought…(a sure sign that Hello Kitty Hell has progressed far beyond the safe level…)

Hello Kitty Porsche

Thanks (I think) to devon

Hello Kitty Car

You know there is something wrong when you start getting emails from people wondering when you are going to update Hello Kitty Hell. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if the people wanting the update were those that disliked Hello Kitty, but these are Hello Kitty fans. I will state right now that if you are getting withdrawal symptoms because you aren’t getting enough updates from a blog named Hello Kitty Hell, you’re way too into Hello Kitty. Do a favor to yourself (and your partner) and seek help right away…I suggest a 10 step Hello Kitty anonymous program.

You also know there is something seriously wrong when you have over 50 emails of Hello Kitty photos sitting in your email from people that think you need to see more Hello Kitty items. My email inbox is beginning to resemble my house. This is definitely not a good thing.

Take, for example, this Hello Kitty car:

Hello Kitty car

Hello Kitty car inside

Hello Kitty car doors

My only saving grace at this point is that my wife feels that this Hello Kitty car is “too small” – that’s not to say she doesn’t want a fully decked out Hello Kitty car, she just wants a BIG one (which she is slowly doing to our current car…). The problem, of course, is that at some point I know I’m going to hear that we need a second car and this will certainly be in the running. There really should be some universal law that Hello Kitty and cars are not allowed to mix…

Thanks gemma (I think) for the link to carview

Update: Was there ever any doubt that these would be more?

hello kitty car pink

Sent in by Jenny O.

Hello Kitty (Official) Pantie Liners

Ah, the joys of having people send random Hello Kitty photos my way. Now not only do I know that there are unofficial Hello Kitty pantie liners, I also know that Kotex makes official Hello Kitty pantie liners (at least in China). I can already hear the conversation that is coming once my wife stumbles across this….”We can fly over on the Hello Kitty airline, pick up all kinds of Hello Kitty goods that aren’t available in Japan (like there aren’t enough here?!?) and have a great Hello Kitty time.”

Hello Kitty Kotex Panty Liners

Thanks (I think) to hellokittydarling (someone with that name should not be reading my blog)

Hello Kitty TV #3 & #4

I guess it really wouldn’t come as a surprise that two different Hello Kitty TV set models would be enough. I’ve already mentioned the apple model and the flat screen model in previous posts, but then reader Mackenzie had to go point out that there was another Hello Kitty TV model in the comments area. I knew that it was merely a matter of time before my wife wandered in there and found yet another TV to add to her list…and it only took a day or so. Again, the question isn’t which one, but whether to buy them all or not.

Hello Kitty Target TV

So if there are 3 Hello Kitty TVs out there, why wouldn’t there be four? Of course there are and my wife found the fourth one the other day:

Hello Kitty TV

Hello Kitty TV romote

So she is now choosing between getting all four at once or all four, but one at a time…Hello Kitty Hell at its finest…

Hello Kitty Skeleton

After my last post, I wondered if anything might shed a little stream of light into Hello Kitty Hell, and frankly, I wasn’t optimistic. That was until I saw what Hello Kitty looks like underneath all that “cuteness” and I realized that, yep, that was about what I expected. My wife was less thrilled with the rendering that Michael Paulus created:

These Icons are usually grotesquely distorted from the human form from which they derive. Being that they are so commonplace and accepted as existing I thought I would dissect them like science does to all living objects – trying to come to an understanding as to their origins and true physiological make up. Possibly to better understand them and see them in a new light for what they are in the most basic of terms.

Hello Kitty Skeleton overlay

Hello Kitty Skeleton

I must admit that I prefer the skeletal image of Hello Kitty much better than the one that my wife loves so much. I think I’ll keep this image in my head each time I see Hello Kitty from now on 🙂