Hello Kitty Stone Statue

I mentioned earlier about the Hello Kitty gravestone and my worries that I may someday be buried under one. Those fears have come to life as my wife has discovered that you can actually get a nearly 600 pound (270 kg) Hello Kitty stone statue. And all for the bargain price of $3000.

Hello Kitty stone statue

Somehow, my wife is under the impression (delusion?) that a huge Hello Kitty in our yard would somehow be a benefit. I guess that would be the case if we wanted our house value to plummet (then again, we could always market toward other Hello Kitty fanatics). Luckily, she’s a long way off from saving enough for this purchase…but I swear I am the most nervous man on earth each week when the lottery numbers are read on the off chance that she is the winner. Now that would really bring Hello Kitty Hell to new heights…

Update: Oh, what in Hello Kitty Hell could have I ever been thinking?!? My wife just chastised me for pointing out the wrong stone statue she wants – the one she really wants costs a mere $15,000 and weighs 6,600 lbs (3,000 kg).

6 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Stone Statue”

  1. I’m sure it doesn’t float in water, which may be a good thing if you every want to tie someone to it.

    Do they have HK water lillies yet?

  2. omg.

    I just found this site, and although I’m a girl who likes the Kitty character very much, I never thought someone outside of Japan could actually be this sick about it. 8-| Makes me wanna give you a hug. 😐

    You reeeeeally gotta love your wife, dude.
    You have all my solidarity. Hang on there.

  3. I’d die just to have one of this stones.
    But then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy more Hello Kitty stuff!

    Cheers from Italy!


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