Hello Kitty Ramen

It’s emails like this that make Hello Kitty Hell the Hell it is. It seemed that my wife was slowly letting go of her all Hello Kitty food fantasies as she concentrated on other Hello Kitty goods when this shows up in my email:

Hello Kitty Ramen

wife: You like ramen!

me: I like real ramen…

wife: Hello Kitty ramen isn’t real ramen?

me: … (thinking: “oh boy, this is another one of those no win questions”)

wife: It’s soooooooo cute. We have to buy it.

me: … (thinking: can it get worse?)

wife: Which reminds me, we really should eat all Hello Kitty food. See, this is yet another proof Hello Kitty is not all sugar and candy

me: … (thinking: yep, it just got worse…)

So it seems that at some point in the near future I’m going to be looking at Hello Kitty food, on Hello Kitty plates in front of me. I bet something like this could be a pretty successful diet, cause I don’t see how I’m going to be able to keep any of it down…

From reader yznw who really should be the one that has to eat this crap…

31 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Ramen”

  1. those hello kt faces look like they’re the tiny hello kt erasers that comes in packs XD

    maybe thats wat they do w/ the stationary that doesnt sell 😛

  2. when someone thinks it can’t get any worse…8-|

    … are those HK heads even… eatable? Or merely ornamental?

  3. Those Hello Kitty heads are made with starch and fish or egg protiens. They are eatable replacement of Japanese fish cakes.
    I had Hello Kitty Nagasaki nooodles before. Actually taste just like regular Nagasaki nNoodles. Will send photos. 😛

  4. I would have guessed the little heads were tofu like in miso soup or something. Fish protein sounds gross, I don’t want to eat it now.

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! *tears* Dude, I feel so bad for you!!… I do like HK but DAMN!!! That’s just ridiculous!!!

    Maybe you could imagine killing HK by biting her heads in half, like kids do with animal crakcers and Easter bunnies (bite the ears off).

    Oh no…hello kitty animal crackers….with all of her buddies…*shudders then laughs* XDD

  6. OK, that looks nasty.

    Those mini-kitties look like the “marshmallows” in Lucky Charms or some shit. I’m sorry, but those are just a little too detailed and colorful to be real food. Like someone colored an eraser with Sharpies.

    I had no idea your hell extended to your dinner.

  7. I received a package of Hello Kitty heads. My husband went through it and bit just the heads off. I was mortified.

  8. My daughter & I love Hello Kitty, I notice you mention Hello Kitty Plates – do you know were we can get some? My daugher is just moving out we would love to have plates for her kitchen. Can you help me with where to get them? How about Hello Kitty Flatware?

  9. all i can say in reference to cartoons is:
    naruto would be turning in his grave…

    those kitties do sorta look like lucky charms marsmallows, or el-cheapo erasers. i will never touch the stuff…

  10. well im sorry to tell you this. but they have hello kitty vitamins. they sell them probably more than this place but Target. and they have hello kitty humidifiers. im sorry. i like hello kitty. but not this much. i feel for you. I would hate to live like that. that would make HK just….stupid…..and repetitive

  11. I happen to come across your blog entry on “Kitty Ramen” and so happens that I have also written something about this. Maybe you’ll want to show it to your wife?

  12. oh my god I wouldn’t eat hello kitty’s head even if had a gun pointed to my brain.

    looks like plastic

    you know, I feel so sorry for you.
    AND if I were you, I wouldn’t be alive anymore^^
    but life is long.

    I can’t understand your wife. She really is a biiiig fan.

    lucky me, I live in a way different world.

  13. The HK heads are made of dried Surimi (fish cake) it is not bad. Japanese instant noodles are light years ahead of what we have in the United States. I take them with me when I go on a road trip or camping for a fast lunch.

    As for Hello Kitty, it cutie eat it.

  14. I ate these one time, just after I arrived in Japan and was still struck by the novelty of HK-everything. They certainly were ramen.

    I particularly liked how, in the manufacturing process, the machines that extrude kitty-face cake to be sliced get a bit wonky, and you end up with rehydrated melting kitty-faces that taste of nothing staring up from your noodles.

  15. can’t u talk bout it to our wife ?? hahaha…
    don’t just grumble in ur wife’s back.. +_+
    it’s not good spent much money to buy Hello kitty (i’m fan of HK too but mostly, HK product sometimes is too expensive just b’coz the kitty pic on it… -__-‘ )

    i’m curious.. how can u marry a girl that really LOVE something that u HATE the MOST ? XD
    u don’t knoe her addicted to HK before u marry her ?

  16. I’ve Tried This Before. It’s Very Good Despite It’s Gross Looks. The Little Hello Kitty Heads Are Fish Cakes And They Are Edible. And ‘Fish Cakes’ Taste Better Than They Sound. I’m A Big Hello Kitty Fan <3


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