Hello Kitty Blow Light Update

It goes to show how terribly ingrained Hello Kitty has become that even some people would assume that something like this exists. While the packaging is real, they obviously made a huge spelling mistake when producing it. I assume what they wanted to write was “Glow Light”

Hello Kitty glow light

So, while this is a real product, it’s not the product I described in the previous post (look at the date it was posted).

I would like to thank the numerous readers who emailed me (and continue to do so that I needed to link to this post to get them to stop) to get more information about the “blow light” not safe for work directions listed on the back, but unfortunately, there are none. Although I do have some questions about the people reading this blog 😉

This response leads me to believe there may be a market out there for something like that which I’m sure someone will fill someday. As long as I never have to see it…

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Blow Light Update”

  1. It’s a shame, Sanrio should make one, that would be cool!
    Why don’t you suggest it to them? If enough of us ask, maybe they’ll do it?


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