Hello Kitty Noodles

No post goes unpunished in Hello Kitty Hell with a deluge of links and photos to similar Hello Kitty products…as if I really want to know they exist or even worse, that I want my wife to know they exist. It seems to me that there is a conspiracy among the readers that think it would be fun to see me suffer through eating Hello Kitty food – why else would people send me photos like this?

Hello Kitty Nagasaki Noodles

An extremely worrying trend I’m seeing with the Hello Kitty food is that not only do I have to look at Hello Kitty when eating it, but it also comes with some type of Hello Kitty container which means more Hello Kitty junk around the house. Typical Hello Kitty Hell…

From adora who should definitely eat Hello Kitty food for at least a week for even thinking of sending me that photo…

18 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Noodles”

  1. Actually i kinda pity u!! But oh well u love ur wife so u hafta bear with it!! =) Hello Kitty is kinda cute but I think u r overloaded with it!! Have fun with those kitties!!

  2. I, too, am a huge huge Hello Kitty fan. I’ve made pilgrimages to Japan to visit Puroland (ps — save your money but definitely go see the Mecca of Hello Kitty, which is Japan)…Anyway, I’m married to you. Well, I don’t mean you personally but my husband sympathizes and as I read your blogs I cry at how funny you paint the picture of Hello Kitty Hell. In some instances I might even agree…but your blog makes me laugh.

  3. Have you ever tried playing her humanitarian strings, by suggesting she ship some surplus to a poorer section of town?

    Sounds like a great way for her to buy hello kitty and you not to have to keep it, and it sounds like the whole hello kitty fanatic would like it…love and all that stuff. Just think of all those people living without food, much le3ss hello kitty stuff…..she could help, and you could reduce the collection 🙂

    Though I personally have banned that stuff from my house….

  4. how disturbing… noodles with hello kitty-shaped fish cake pieces.

    then again, you can pretend you’re sending her to hell every time you eat a piece… 🙂

  5. Well, at least it’s not just noodles with HK on the box. (Like that lousy HK Banana. wtf? if you’re gonna make a product, don’t stop at the box; alter the inside contents to match!)

  6. You know what your always WHINING about how bad you have it but the truth is at LEAST you have food and at least you have a fouton. So if you hate your life SOO much as you portray it on this blog why dont you get a divorce from that poor woman you call your wife because I think it would be best for both of you and if I were you I would take a self-reflection class to figure out that you truly need some help. If you dont want anything to do with hello kitty then why did you dedicate a blog to her?


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