Hello Kitty Scarecrow

Part of Hello Kitty Hell is that people (especially my wife) believe that anything, if turned into Hello Kitty, will automatically be cute. Now I can see that with most things this might be able to be argued (if you happen to like Hello Kitty), but Hello Kitty fanatics take it to a level beyond what is normal. It is beyond me why someone would get the inspiration to create a Hello Kitty scarecrow (then again, this seems to be the normal daily operation of Hello Kitty Hell):

Hello Kitty scarecrow

When I first saw this photo, all I could think was, “Yes, Hello Kitty in a bad horror movie as a scarecrow would be quite fitting and definitely scary.” My wife had a completely different reaction: “Isn’t that cute? I think I’ll make miniature versions for our flower garden!” So now I can expect the images of Hello Kitty scarecrows to come into my nightmares meaning that Hello Kitty will not even leave me alone when I sleep. Yep, another typical example of Hello Kitty expanding her domain in Hello Kitty Hell…

Reader cutesy really should have to dream about this monstrosity every night for sending the photo…

7 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Scarecrow”

  1. Hello! Whats youre email address? I LOVE HELLO KITTY! YOURE WIFE ROCKS! so, how do you get this many hello kitty stuff? In Japan? Because i seriously like hello kitty. You probably will like my bro. He HATE hello kitty seriously badly. He ripps every hello kitty thing i don’t need anymore. Sad. 🙁

  2. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t that the official “Hello Kitty” fireworks-launching mortar platform??? In a wheat field???

    Strong evidence that this IS some kind of demonically inspired cult designed to take over women’s minds and pocketbooks….

  3. Well, if you get so upset every time your wife thinks something is “soooo cute!”, why do you still show her all the Hello Kitty items? If she doesn’t know about the HK guitar (or toaster or car or whatever), she doesn’t want it.
    There you have. The Asnwer.

  4. A testament to how frightening hello kitty is, the local wildlife certainly thinks so.

    I am also amused by the mickey mouse on its chest.


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