Hello Kitty Star Wars Tattoo

What’s worse than a Hello Kitty tattoo? How about a Hello Kitty Star Wars combination tattoo:

Hello Kitty Star Wars tattoo

Not many things leave me speechless in Hello Kitty Hell these days, but this is one that comes close…

Sent by starkitty (via idoru45 created from this painting) who should have to watch Star Wars and Hello Kitty in combination for the rest of her life…

Update: Let The Wookie Win, for some unfathomable reason, thought it would be a good idea to share her Hello Kitty Stormtrooper tattoo with me. The fact that one person has this tattoo is disturbing, but that fact that more than one does is downright scary…

Hello Kitty Stormtrooper Tattoo

28 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Star Wars Tattoo”

  1. HEY! I spelled the verification word right! Hey! I spelled VERIFICATION RIGHT! Hey! I did it again!

    I found your blog via Attention Whore and am enjoying it thus far. Part of me is intrigued by the Hello Kitty phenom.

    Marichigo – I’m driven to find out if anyone has a Hello Kitty tattoo gun.

  2. It’s a cute tat idea if she came up with it herself,

    TO ALL LOSERS REPLYING “I’m so0o0o gonna get this! etc”;
    You suck, i hope you do get that tattoo, and someday, when your brain has developed enough, you’ll see it for nothing more than a replica of someone elses joke.

  3. this is my ass you’re viewing here… I kid you not. This is my tattoo. To anyone saying they’re gonna get it too, DON’T.. keep things original.

    • It’s not original if you took someone else’s idea and got it tattooed. Don’t preach about originality unless you made the piece of art YOURSELF then got it tattooed.

    • This is KB’s mom. She did have this tattoo. She lost her battle with life on 11/06/2012, age 24. I like to think she loved HK until she died.

  4. I freaking love this tattoo. Someone out there’s got guts.

    And also, dear god, please tell me you quit it with the twee ‘punishments’ for sending stuff in to you. You may be in hello kitty hell, but you capitulated on that front the moment you posted your email address. And then checked it. And then posted something out of it so we all knew you were a sucker.

  5. @ Nicole, the joke punishments for sending stuff in are one of the main reasons some of us read this site!

    [meanwhile, back at the point 😉 ] This is actually a pretty neat bit of tattooing.

  6. OMG! That is so true,wrong, and evil.

    WHY GIVE HELLO KITTY EVEN MORE POWER.people must be out of their mind and be in hello kittys(mind)

  7. What’s with the HK haters?! I love HK and LOVE Star Wars! Ohmiogsh, I am seriously going to consider this tat (or something along these lines).


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