Hello Kitty Guitar Picks

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that if Hello Kitty guitars come in several models and 7 different designs, that there are also a variety of Hello Kitty guitar picks:

Hello Kitty guitar pick black

Hello Kitty guitar pick motion

Hello Kitty guitar pick pink

I could go on a rant on why my wife needs Hello Kitty guitar picks when she doesn’t play the guitar, but we’ve already been down that path. Suffice to say, it’s one of those Hello Kitty fanatic things that will never make sense to the 99% of us (and if it does make sense to you, this is not something that you should be proud of). The only consolation with this particular collection is that they are small and I don’t have to see them on a daily basis…it’s not a good Hello Kitty Hell sign when you switch from feeling pain with each and every Hello Kitty purchase to where the pain is so intense that you actually feel some relief when the Hello Kitty item purchased is small so you won’t have to see it daily…

These photos were sent in by a number of readers – all of whom should have to listened to my wife play her Hello Kitty guitar…

10 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Guitar Picks”

  1. lol i can think of some other reasons your wife needs them, my first thought was OMG THOSE WOULD MAKE ADOREABLE EARRINGS! so lots of jewlery, necklaces, charm bracelets, zipper pulls, decorate the bottom of a lamp shade like make them dangle on it, dacorate a picture frame, keychain. i have a variety of uses for guitar picks even non-hello kitty ones lol hello kitty can just make all of those things cuter


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