Hello Kitty Doghouse

No, we don’t have a dog, but that doesn’t matter in the least bit for my wife who wants this $30,000 Hello Kitty Doghouse:

Hello Kitty dog house

While it may be better than tattooing a dog with Hello Kitty, it’s not better by much. You have to feel sorry for any dog that must live in a Hello Kitty dog house…hmmm, not much different from me being in the dog house in a Hello Kitty sleeping back on the couch, although my sleeping area isn’t the price of a fancy car…the irony of Hello Kitty Hell.

19 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Doghouse”

  1. Ah. My dog always bite hello kitty and snatches it away to god knows where… I bet she’s another one that hates Hello Kitty.. Don’t think buying her a Hello Kitty doghouse would make her happy 😀


  2. i think it’s quite pretty >.>;; ok but hey, take away the hello kitty on the cushion and you must admit it’s a nice luxury doghouse

  3. this looks like a chandelier -yes a hello kitty chandelier-next hello kitty lightbulbs -even for the hello kitty christmas tree which would be in the hello kitty shaped house which would have hello kitty shaped lawn ornaments and bushes shaped into hello kitty heads surrounding the hello kitty shaped pool where i could swim wearing my hello kitty swimsuit and diving mask -and when i got out to sunbath i could have clear hello kitty shaped decals pasted on me so i would have hello kitty suntanned all over my body and then .. and then…


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