Hello Kitty Compact Computer / iPod Speakers

Because Hello Kitty has never seen a gadget that she doesn’t love to Hello Kittify, this arrived at our house today in the mail – the Hello Kitty compact speakers:

Hello Kitty compact speakers

Hello Kitty compact speaker

Of course my wife already has Hello Kitty speakers, but these speakers can be used for all the devices she has. It has a USB cord for the computer and also can be hooked into CD and MP3 players including her Hello Kitty iPod.

It took all of 2 seconds before she had to try it out on all the gadgets it would work with (my Hello Kitty Hell question of the day is that if Hello Kitty can have so many damn electronic gadgets, why does she have only one totally annoying theme song that gets played on all of them?) which once again confirmed that it doesn’t matter what speakers one uses, the Hello Kitty theme song will always be irritating enough to make anyone listening consider committing suicide.

Another typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Compact Computer / iPod Speakers”

  1. Ok at least admit this: You have a hk blog now so you do enjoy these Hello Kitty shopping trips, it will give you material. Considering how successful the blog is you can at least admit that. If you erase this comment without a reply, that will even further prove to me you enjoy Hello Kitty and the frequent shopping trips.


  2. Hmmm, it seems that Hello Kitty fanatics have a hard time grasping reality outside of Hello Kitty. While I’m tempted respond in great detail, I have learned from past experience that this will have little meaning to the Hello Kitty fanatic no matter how much sense it makes. Instead I will ask a simple question…have your been reading the posts? This is an anti Hello Kitty blog and believe me, there is plenty of Hello Kitty Hell to write for years about without ever having to go on a Hello Kitty shopping trip.

  3. okay okay im sorry i have to agree with ur wife this time i would like these ONLY BECAUSE! i am looking for speakers for my ipod nano AND my ipod nano doesn’t fit the little speakers i wanted for the New ipod nano…


    i sowwie but i want them too ^_^

  4. Hello,
    i just found your blog which made me laugh a lot!
    My daughter being a Hello Kitty fan,I quite understand how you feel!!
    My husband will agree with you too!
    Yes you’re right kitty ‘kittyfies’ everything, and suddenly by magic all the simplest ordinary things become gorgeous!
    ‘ Oh Mom, look at that! isn’t it wonderful?’
    ‘Well, yes, but it’s only a toothbrush darling… LOL’
    But I know my daughter will laugh when she sees you blog!!
    She’s only 9!!

  5. I so want these speakers…they are so cute…I just love finding out new things threw your blog…thanks…I know you loath Hello Kitty Entirely and wish her out of existence…but I just want to thank you so much for showing us so many cute things that are out there with Hello Kitty stamped all over it…now got to go and buy these on eBay…you rock!!!

  6. Oh Mah Gawd….I think I’m in love!!! Your incessant misery keeps me in perpetual stiches. I too wanna know when the album is coming out. Ooooo….that may not be a very good idea, however the Japanese all girl surf band, the 5,6,7,8’s might actually be able to make a decent Hello Kitty album that could be listenable. Even though I have a Hello Kitty fetish… I feel your pain! I migrate towards the Red and Black, hard to find,and sew Hello Kitty patches on my black lingerie for super happy fun love.


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