Hello Kitty Psycho Test 2

I’m sure there is some underlining reason why Sanrio labels it’s tests as “psycho” in their URLs (hint to Hello Kitty fanatics, it’s a not so subtle message to you). Whatever the reason, Hello Kitty couldn’t stop at just one psycho test, so here is another:

HK Test

Hello Kitty Speculative Fiction Psychology Test

My theory is Hello Kitty psycho psychology tests all tell you that you are depressed so that you have a reason to buy Hello Kitty to make you happy. At least Hello Kitty thinks I’m depressed (note: spelling and grammar are Hello kitty’s, not mine) :

You often look down on yourself.

You feel bad about your personality. In another word, you only see your shortcomings and ignore or your advantages. If you must expose your inner self in front of others, you find that very hard to do, and you would hate yourself. But actually, if you look from another angel, your shortcomings could be your advantages instead. For example, you think you get mad easily, but actually that’s because you are very sincere and you don’t hesitate to show your emotions. If you think you are weak, others probably think you are very gentle and understanding. You must look at your personality from another positive angle and be nice to yourself.

Of course, my wife sees this as yet more proof that my life is depressing because I don’t accept Hello Kitty as my savior. I blame it on having to listen to the Hello Kitty theme song 24 hours a day over her new Hello Kitty speakers. Either way, it confirms that I’m living in Hello Kitty Hell…

21 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Psycho Test 2”

  1. “You must look from another ang_el_”? So the problem is nothing to do with “Hello Kitty”; it’s actually to do with sitting on the wrong heavenly being!?

  2. The test told me I don’t trust my taste in fashion, and that I always pick something ugly and “out-of-time”. I never knew jeans and tshirts were ugly and unfashionable…

    I think Hello Kitty needs HER head examined.

  3. Hello Kitty told me I had a horrible taste in fashion!!!!! Who are these people writing “psycho” tests using Hello Kitty’s name??? This is just too awful. Hello Kitty would never say that!

  4. notice how it says million of dollars on Q4. yet another easy mistake made by hello kitty. is she trying to make young kids un-intelligent? and i got the “you look down on yourself” answer….. she is obviously trying to make the younger generations self-conscious so she can send the dpressed ones to hello kitty thearpy and the dumb ones to hello kitty bording school where she can breed and brain wash her own hello kitty army. wow, being a young studnt myself makes me quite scard of whats to come. i mean, once hello kitty has hello kittified all usable products, then whats left but world domination…

  5. That was the lamest psychological examine I’ve ever taken. Never mind logic. Who you picked as the culprit determined your fashion sense and how you viewed yourself? Please… So lame.

    *goes off to smother my lone Hello Kitty doll with a pink HK towel*


  6. Well, I don’t care at all for Hello Kitty, though I admit there are a few nice things, but I took the text and got me perfectly right. Thing is, I didn’t read the text and answered the questions without almost reading them. Pretty amazing if you ask me…

    I wish I could just put all of my sarcasm into the text T.T

  7. Um, I got the same thing about fashion sense. I think there are only two answers in the whole flipping thing. Or that it’s rigged. Screw Hello Kitty.

  8. I took the quiz and got the fashion answer and I have to say that I don’t get how this has anything to do with the question for one or psychology for another. I love hello kitty but this test just made me feel like some one was just trying to make me feel bad about myself.

  9. i took that test
    anddd im not too happy with it
    it says i am unfashionable
    and im rubbish at art
    =| im good at art
    andd my fashion sence is good
    that test is stupidddddd

  10. Hello Kitty said I felt bad about my looks. Must be because I chose the mirror.

    (Hello Kitty) Hell, what rubbish.

    I just found this blog, I feel sorry for you. These kinds of story makes you happy about your own life 😀

    Be strong, you’ll find salvation!!! The day all Hello Kitty items will, er, burn?

    Okay, you’ll never find salvation.

    (btw, I live in France and never realised the Hello Kitty war had gone this bad. I’m SHOCKED.)

  11. I was also told I’m unfashionable, but I chose the cabinet not mirror. If you’re going to push something over forcefully, I’d think a mirror would be a bad choice, unless you like shards of glass flying in every direction slicing out the eyes of all present creating a slippery bloody mess.


    Maybe I am disturbed but I certainly have great fashion sense.

  12. I’ve looked at all the possible outcomes and they all say you suffer from low self-esteem. I guess that’s required to love Hello Kitty.

    If anyone (for some reason) wants to see all the possible outcomes here is the key:

    > 17 = a a a b a b
    14-16 = a a a a a a
    11-13 = b b b b b b
    8-10 = c c c c c c
    < 7 = b b c c c c

    Incidentally, Hello Kitty loves you sooooo much that 14-16 and 11-13 have identical text.

    Thanks HKH, this is the best Hello Kitty blog I’ve ever read.

    Well, it’s the only Hello Kitty blog I’ve ever read, but I hate that mouthless monster.


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