Hello Kitty Vitamins

Okay, if you are walking down the store aisle and looking for a multi vitamin, would you pick Hello Kitty brand?

Hello Kitty vitamins

Hello Kitty gummy vitamins

Whenever I see these, I just have to shake my head in wonderment why anyone would purchase them (except for my wife, of course, but that should be quite obvious by now) Maybe it’s the fact that 99% of Hello Kitty food is 100% sugar which should lead anyone with common sense (we already know that Hello Kitty fanatics are disqualified here) to conclude that even the vitamins are bad for you.

Of course, my wife loves these because “Hello Kitty brings you lots of energy and healthiness from the inside to go along with the love and happiness she brings when you see her.” The only satisfaction I get is when I chew the hell out of them before swallowing which is the only type of satisfaction one can really get when living in Hello Kitty Hell. Still, it gives me great pause having Hello Kitty working her way through my blood stream to give me the sugar fix vitamins I supposedly need.

It’s bad enough that I have to see her covering every inch of the house, but listening to my wife my wife tell me how much Hello Kitty is helping to sustain my life as she watches me take the vitamins (I think she secretly knows I would spit them out when not looking if she didn’t) with a Hello Kitty Hell grin of satisfaction on her face. Yet another sad example of the Hello Kitty Hell I live in…

Thanks to numerous readers for the chewable variety and Lucy x for the gummy variety – you should all have to take these every day for reminding my wife to continue to order these on a consistent basis…

14 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Vitamins”

  1. you buy them for kids because if there hello kitty then maybe your child will take them and they feel better because of the sugar fix, and you get hookrd for the same reason. the hello kitty boosts up her prices and the kids go into withdrawl without them. so the kids get there sugar fix and hello kitty becomes even more so outragously rich…. yippie (sarcasem)

  2. You Rock, Hello Kitty Hell Guy! If my Husband weren’t so lazy, he’d probably have a list of all the Hello Kitty crap I buy… but not as much as your wife has. Thanx for sharing your misery.
    By the way, people who bitch and moan about you not posting the websites from where these wonderful HK crap comes from can google them and that sometimes works.

  3. Ok, so after I just about died of laughter, I realize that my obsession with Hello Kitty doesn’t come close to your wife. True, I want to pimp out my kitchen in all that is Hello Kitty, but as a married woman, I feel the rest of the house should be neutral territory to my husband. My husband says real Hello Kitty Hell for us would be if we’d had a daughter who HATED Hello Kitty!!!!!! HOW DARE HE?!!!!

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