Hello Kitty Christmas Lights Candy Rocks

One of the things that I have noticed about Hello Kitty is that she takes Holiday specific items and tries to make them generic thus allowing the Hello Kitty fanatic to use the evil feline all year round instead of at only a specific time of the year. It is with this in mind that Sanrio has renamed their Hello Kitty Christmas lights as “Hello Kitty Candy Rocks”

Hello Kitty Christmas Lights

Hello Kitty candy rocks

Hello Kitty Xmas Lights

Hello Kitty light angel

It’s bad enough that they are selling Christmas lights well before Halloween, but even worse that the “candy rocks” theme gives my wife the excuse to use them all year round:

wife: “Look what I bought”

me: “What?” (already knowing that it wasn’t going to be a pretty sight)

wife: “Hello Kitty candy rocks.”

me: “They’re Hello Kitty Christmas lights…” (stating the obvious)

wife: “No, these are candy rocks. They can be used to decorate all different areas of the house. Won’t things look so much better with lights to help brighten the place at night?”

me: “They are Christmas lights. They are meant to be put outside after Thanksgiving.” (hoping that I could avoid them as much as possible)

wife: “Sanrio says they are candy rocks.” (exasperated that I wasn’t getting it)

me: “Who do you believe more, me or Sanrio?” (I knew it was a dumb question as soon as it came out of my mouth…)

So now that she has established that I have no idea what I’m talking about, my wife is trying to decide where’s the best place in the house to display the candy rocks and wondering if she will need more so they can be displayed in each room…just another typical day in Hello Kitty Hell…

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  1. Mr. HelloKittyhell, you really must have some days worse than others… this must have been one of the worst. Right?
    I can just imagine waking up in the middle of the night… getting up to go to the bathroom or something and see those lights… nightmarish, don’t you think?
    Someday everything will be better 🙂 one day those lihghts will explode 😀

  2. I was a happy hello kitty hater until I came here. Now I don’t know what to think. I live in Taipei, my apartment is furnished, and includes an Hello Kitty toaster, which until now meant little to me. Now it disturbs me. Are Hello Kitty goods of high quality, or are there different levels? Is there a luxury line of hello kitty goods? I have to confess that since visiting this page I have twice ventured into Hello Kitty shops. I am now quite confused as to what is real or good or normal……

  3. I *Know* it’s not your intention, Absinth or others, but we have some (ostensibly Christmas) lights up in the house for added/mood lighting and indeed some near the top of the stairs for going to the bathroom at night (it’s downstairs).

    Hm… ;->

    Xu, Xu – in England, a fair bit of the line is to be found in Selfridges (I haven’t checked Harrods – which certainly used to have an impressive Beatrix Potter collection – Royal Doulton) so..?

  4. What does it matter what they are used for? They are cute and everyone should be able to use them however they like. Who are you to insist they must be used as Christmas lights? It just goes to show the type of controlling person you are once again and that you know nothing about what Hello Kitty is all about.

  5. Its sad when Christmas Lights are on sale long before Christmas, in and of itself. But the local K-Mart is already selling fake Christmas trees, lights, and other random Christmas decorations right next to the Halloween masks so its not just HK this time.

    I agree with Absinth though “Someday everything will be better 🙂 one day those lights will explode :D”. And I think we can bring that one day closer, I propose we construct the “Kitty Cannon” and “Kitty Gatling Gun” designed for destruction of Hello Kitty items at high speed. Imagine rapidly firing those Hello Kitty bulbs into a brick wall……makes me happy just thinking about it.

    I also propose we create Goodbye Kitty, Hello Kitties Homicidal cousin bent on destroying all of Sanrio… We then release a line of useless toys including the video game “Hello Kitty Killer feat. Goodbye Kitty”. Imagine we could send them to Darlene and traumatize her…..Ok I’m done before I go crazy…er.

  6. Hey I don’t think this is Christmas lights… it’s way too early for christmas. I’m guessing this is Halloween decoration, u know, so you can immerse your house in colorful shades of evilness next Wednesday.

  7. Actually, I hate Christmas, and have been known to verbally abuse shopkeepers who put up their Christmas displays before Hallowe’en. However, I still feel that fairy lights are good any time of year. However-however, HK should keep her greasy paws to herself.

  8. Ha! They need them in orange/black for Halloween, pink/white for Valentines Day, green/white for St. Patricks, red/white/blue for July 4th…. Yup, that’s what they need, interchangeable colored HK bulb covers.

  9. Hi Wendyscat! I just wanted to say that I adore christmas and christmas lights 🙂 during christmas season my house and my office are filled with those tiny lamps all day long 🙂 But for a man living in HKHell to get up and see little HK lights must be scary!!!

  10. Hi Absinth

    I don’t actually adore Christmas – I wanted some nice lights up!

    I dunno – maybe not as scary as tripping over some new HK stuff he didn’t know about? 😮 Surely, in HK Hell it’s well, to be expected!

  11. Alenderis said this:
    I also propose we create Goodbye Kitty, Hello Kitties Homicidal cousin bent on destroying all of Sanrio… We then release a line of useless toys including the video game “Hello Kitty Killer feat. Goodbye Kitty”.

    It made me wonder if you’ve seen the webcomic Hello Cthulhu, where Hello Kitty encounters the elder god Cthulhu. See it here: //www.hello-cthulhu.com

  12. Thanks Tabitha, that is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day (and it’s got 2 cartoon sites, here and I Can Haz Cheezburger as competition).

  13. Take away her credit card. Take away her cash. Don’t let her buy these things!!!

    Or maybe you secretly enjoy this torture….

  14. I love your site. LOL I am a Hello Kitty fan myself, I have a hello kitty Telephone and a few other little bits. I love th cnady rocks but I would only use them at christmas as they are too christmassy I guess, if they were all pink I would use them all year around.

  15. I love Hello Kitty, I am 22.. My obsession started when I visted Hong Kong in 2007 with my ex. We whent to ‘hello kitty land’ I spent a good £200 on Hello kitty things…

    I now have a new partner and we live in a big house I have the room I share with him and my own room… In my own room I have all things Hello Kitty, Im not even allowed a Hello Kitty towel in the shared bed room as the bf doesnt like it…

    I keep my obsession behind closed doors and I wouldnt dream of putting stuff in the shared areas of the house, I do feel rather sorry for you with your hello kitty hell…

  16. If these lights were made to be used on Christmas only, probably your troubles would be a little better off. Now that they named it candy rocks, it seems to be a great excuse to place them all year round, prolonging your torment. They don’t even look that nice.


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