Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine

While all Hello Kitty products make me cringe, there are some that go beyond the normal Hello Kitty Hell cringe and bring actual physical pain to me when I think about them. My head is throbbing just thinking about the newest gadget my wife wants: the Hello Kitty Karaoke machine:

Hello Kitty karaoke

Listening to the Hello Kitty theme song is enough to make any normal human sick, but accompany that with Hello Kitty fanatics singing the song at the top of their lungs in delight, and you pretty much have the worst torture chamber that one could ever imagine. The fact that they will continue to sing the same Hello Kitty theme song over and over again for eternity without any sign of tiring makes it all the worse.

I have no doubt that the people at Sanrio created this specifically to increase the heat in Hello Kitty Hell…

17 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Karaoke Machine”

  1. Hey! Maybe Darlene should get this?! We need a video of her singing praises of Hello Kitty =)p Now that would probably be HELL!

  2. What would a HK torture chamber look like?
    Pink walls with nice pink chains with ribbons and speakers with the HK theme song playing 24h. The person to be tortured would be lying in a pink wooden table and would stuck with little needles with HK… Of course should that person manage to break free there would be the alternative to jump in the lava pit to escape the torture… pink and sweet lava of course 🙂
    Is this what you were saying when you mentioned the HK Torture Chamber, Mr HKHell?

  3. Oh, wow…
    Dude, you make me feel really happy I’m not you…
    And since I began reading this blog, I gave about 90% of my HK stuff to my baby-sis.

  4. Once again you show how self centered you are with little regard of the people around you. If people enjoy singing and this makes them happy, who are you to ruin something that brings them joy? If you don’t like it, you can leave the house while they are singing instead of ranting about how awful it is. I’m sure that not everyone likes the music you like either, but you don’t see them writing blogs about how awful your taste is.

    Show us the photos and let us make up our own minds if it is great or not and leave out the commentary. It’s as bad for all of us as you think singing the Hello Kitty theme song would be.

  5. If you don’t like it, leave the house – if you don’t like it, leave the blog – maybe? This isn’t protesting against someone being racist/sexist/homophobic/even unreasonable!.

    Um, karaoke is kinda scary and sucky anyway so actually for HK Hell this is a purrfect (sorry! 😉 ) – item – the combining of two things to avoid.

    Actually, maybe it’s the ONLY way to do karaoke – to show how one isn’t taking it seriously.
    PS You have now directed me to the HK theme song of which I was unaware of previously.

  6. HK and karaoke: two incomprehensible phenomena that go incomprehensibly together! It’s the Perfect Storm of Japanese bizarrerie!

    And Darlene, blow on out of here before I cock-slap you with a Hello Kitty sausage.

  7. > blow on out of here before I cock-slap you with a Hello Kitty sausage.

    That is not nice to a lady.
    She may be a fanatic but she deserves to be treated as a lady.

  8. is she is indeed a lady. so far, she acts more like a gay japanese sanrio employee, brainwashed to spread love and kittiness wherever she/he goes.

    act like a lady to be treated like a lady. constantly calling someone out in their own domain ( or in this case, blog) is very unladylike.

  9. ‘c***-slap’ indeed not nice, but nor is wishing someone freeze to death because he doesn’t like HK (and hey, he must like her a bit in a bizarre way to expend this energy on her and not have left home!

    Not ladylike, nor personable, and surely Kitty would never wish someone to freeze to death? or is Darlene actually totally fictitious and writing in to getting the rest of us going?

  10. > is Darlene actually totally fictitious and writing in to getting the rest of us going?

    I tend to be naive.
    So, I didn’t think that way unless you guys mentioned.
    I guess I have a faith in men (and in women) so that people won’t do such.

    BTW, “naive” is usually a negative term to describe one’s character.
    I should be more cynical to get matured.
    Growing up is a pain.

  11. > act like a lady to be treated like a lady.

    Interesting to notice that the above statement is the theme of ‘My Fair Lady’ movie. Sorry to mention an old movie, maybe most readers here don’t know the movie.

    My take is that ‘treat like a lady *may* make her act like a lady’.

  12. I know the movie My fair lady… and Elisa only started to believe she was a lady when people treated her like one. And that was after she started to act as a lady first.
    In my modest opinion, Darlene is impolite, rude and intolerant, Mr HelloKittyHell only expresses his opinion and she just replies with bad manners and explicitly wishes him harm.
    No Lady acts like that.

  13. This is been around for a while, they even sell it at target. I personally find it to be cute, but unless you have a group of HK adult fans who wouldn’t mind using it, then assume that it was meant to be used by HK fans under the age of 18.


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