Hello Kitty WoW Halloween

If you thought the Hello Kitty World of Warcraft user interface was as bad as it could get, Hello Kitty once again proves that it’s always possible to get worse. Thus we find that Hello Kitty is now providing holiday themed Hello Kitty Wow user interfaces:

Hello Kitty wow Halloween

This is what makes Hello Kitty so annoying. Not only does she Kittify everything in her path, once she has Kittified it so you think it can never get worse, she’s really only just begun — and that when the different themes start arriving. Is there really any doubt that we will be seeing a Hello Kitty World of Warcraft Christmas theme in the future? Makes you want to run to the bathroom just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Sent in by grace via Joi’s Flickr Photos, who should have to play all her games with a Hello Kitty theme for the rest of her life for extending my Halloween horror another day and thinking it could be a good idea in any way for me to see this…

9 thoughts on “Hello Kitty WoW Halloween”

  1. isn’t world of warcraft annoying enough without adding the damn cat? oy. my friends actually got divorced over that game. he was on it all the time and she told him “me or the game”. and stupidhead chose the game.

  2. Sadly, I have confirmed that the WoW HK skin is in fact real.

    This utterly boggles my mind.

    However, I will note that the scene in that shot was taken in an Alliance city that the Horde cannot get to, so I at least take SOME comfort in that my Horde brethren aren’t the ones using that skin. Just the goody-goody two shoes types.

  3. wow… I’m a Hello Kitty fanatic and that is just down right ugly and stupid. I hate WOW and I’d never play it, not even to have a Hello Kitty skin :/

  4. actually HK seems to be the only redeeming feature of this otherwise hideous ui. hell i’d go back to basic before i put in that skin. ick.


  5. oMg i [[kinda]] love this web site?
    but like is this wen u say like harsh things about
    umm……hello kitty i havent read or seen ne thing bad
    about her yet i don’t think!?!?
    but yea 1 quick question what is that massager really
    used 4? DUM DUM DUMMMMM! [[LOL]]

  6. this website is funny i like to read all the comments
    and i think you ppl dont like this person named darlene or wut ever the name is



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