Hello Kitty Fanatic Changes Middle Name to "Hello Kitty"

Hello Kitty fanatics scare me. They scare me for a couple of reasons beyond the obvious that they are way too fanatical about Hello Kitty. First, they try to outdo one another. That is, they each believe that they are the most fanatical Hello Kitty fan and thus will do crazy things to prove that point. In much the same way that no matter how bad your think that Sanrio can get with Hello Kitty products, Hello Kitty fanatics always manage to find a way to do something insane to top one another.

Secondly, if they see another Hello Kitty fanatic has done something that they believe may make it look like that person is in the slightest bit more of a Hello Kitty fanatic than they are, they have to match and beat it. For the significant other, this ensures that Hello Kitty Hell continues to be a downward spiral into depths unknown. We live daily with the fear that some Hello Kitty fanatic is going to do something that will literally trigger all Hello Kitty Hell to break loose.

Today was one of those days when this arrived in my email:

Hello Kitty official name change

Yes, you read that correctly. This person has officially changed her middle name to “Hello Kitty” and as soon as my wife saw that, you could see the gears start cranking inside her head: “Wouldn’t that be a great thing to do?!? Think about it. If I change my name officially to Hello Kitty, then you can call me that everyday.”

Yes, and as that thought entered and solidified in my mind, I made a quick dash for the bathroom to relieve everything that I had eaten for dinner. Living in a house full of stuff covered with the evil feline is one thing, having to address your wife by the same namesake is taking things to a completely different dimension.

My only saving grace is that making such a change in Japan is nearly impossible, but I truly fear that my wife will figure out a way to do it. If that day ever comes, Hello Kitty Hell will certainly have moved to an entirely new level…

Sent in by Jo (whose significant other is free to write guest posts for this blog at any time) who deserves punishment well beyond anything that can be humanly conceived for even the thought of giving an idea like this to my wife…

50 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Fanatic Changes Middle Name to "Hello Kitty"”


    THAT makes me laugh big time.. I love Hello kitty.. a ton. I would name a cat .. evena dog that… but not my name.

    Wow… xD Maybe I should name my first child that. Just kidding.

  2. Speechless …
    I’m very surprised to see that the judge has agreed with the lady’s argument that she had a justifiable reason to change her name.
    Her persistence, her passion, her willingness to do whatever she thinks appropriate, …
    Human race needs determinded dedicated people but not for Hello Kitty (but for fighting cancer, for example)

  3. “YAA”, are you Australian? I’m not, but I’m not convinced that the judge needed to be convinced of anything, rather than just to sign the certificate. Australian law is usually based on UK law (and I am a British citizen by birth), where a name change can be as easy as deciding you want to do it, filling in a form, and registering it with the courts.

    Of course, convincing the rest of the World that you’re not insane or stupid or both after changing your name to “Janet Hello Kitty”, or, as one American did, to “Optimus Prime” may be another matter entirely. 😉

  4. You make a huge deal out of nothing at all like always. What is there to fear about someone showing how much they like Hello Kitty? It goes to show how biased and unreasonable your really are. Hello Kitty is a positive roll model and people often name their children after positive roll models. Anyone should be proud to have such as name which is associated with cuteness and friendship.

    You must learn to be more fair in your comments. When you are so biased as you always are, you lose everyone’s respect.

  5. Yes, but then we wouldn’t get to mock her, and since she’s too stupid to spell “role model,” that would be a tragic loss.

  6. Darlene…
    hello kitty is like a drug to you.
    you cant even think straight.
    lmao i mean come on.
    i like hello kitty.
    but i know the limits.
    and that up there.
    is just WAY to far.

  7. I suppose it’s not as bad as say a Hello Kitty tattoo on the forehead, but it’s still product zealotism. For people living with or close to those thinking of doing such inexplicably silly acts, sabotaging the idea could be done by giving them a warped petname before they change their name, (anything that rhymes that isn’t Kitty… shitty springs to mind) If they then insist in being addressed precisely as they are on paper, then they should be worth of the new honorific of “Goodbye Kitty”.
    Cute should never be the preserve of the insane

  8. Kitteh!! wrote:
    > where a name change can be as easy as deciding you want to do it, …

    Well, I’m living in the US.
    Actually I did name change (to avoid name confusion) when I got my US citizenship.
    Yes, I think you can change the name pretty much at your will here unless the name is offensive to public (Having a name with Hello Kitty is offensive to public, to me).
    It is unthinkable to me that anybody wants to do such name change.
    (I really under-estimated the power of fanatics (especially Hello Kitty fanatics))

  9. Hello everyone, HK lovers and haters alike. I added Hello Kitty to my name for a few reasons……Ive never had a middle name, I love Hello Kitty and I wanted to chose something that could not only bring a laugh to other people but allow me to laugh at myself. The world can be way too serious sometimes and if you cant stop to laugh at yourself every now and again, then what a boring life you must lead. I cannot rationally explain why I like Hello Kitty so much…must be some sort of chemical imbalance in my brain!!….but never the less, lifes too short to try to understand us HK lovers…..If you cant beat us, join us!!! Its about having a passion in your life, what ever it may be…..lifes for living and having fun, and being able to laugh at yourself!!!

  10. I AM TERRIFIED BY THIS PERSON. Let’s all legally add greetings in front of our names and we can all be dumb together! Hello Absinth has a nice ring and I can be Sup M. Through either fandom or your site we are all aware that her name is Kitty White and “she” wants you to say “Hello” when you see her. Add that to the fact someone changed their name to … is just… whoa… whoa… whoa… wow. Is this really real?? Cuz that last bit of faith I had in humanity is now shriveling and dying inside of me… please tell me this isn’t real.

    Wow. What have we become? Wow.

    BTW, Darlene, I’ve been ignoring you because it’s just sad to me that you have less than zero grasp on reality or what this blog is about and I figure you must be very young and/or very dumb. If you’re going to insult people please have the decency to spell things correctly and I don’t know where you came from but let me fill you in on something: TEACHERS, DOCTORS, POLICE OFFICERS, ETC. are ROLE models, NOT IMAGINARY CATS.

    This is a sad time for humanity. (Including this and every comment ever made to “Darlene”)

  11. you darlene-haters need to realize: I think she’s just doing it as a joke. Just to see how riled up people can get.

    No one can be that fanatic!

  12. “you darlene-haters need to realize: I think she’s just doing it as a joke. Just to see how riled up people can get. No one can be that fanatic!

    ummm, someone just changed their name to “Hello Kitty”

  13. Although everyone on this blog is entitled to his or her opinions, can we atleast generalise them, and not personally attack and make judgements on people we really know nothing about!! Just because someone has a different view than your own, doesnt make it wrong….only different! That applies to both HK lovers and haters.

  14. I have one question….. Hello Kitty, the name, brand, and image, belongs to Sanrio. So do you need Sanrio’s permission to name yourself Hello Kitty??

  15. Hi Cindy,

    I consulted a lawyer friend, who deals with corporate and contractual law. He advised me that although “Hello Kitty” is a trademark, I should be able to change my name to it, as they are two normal words….would be a different story if I was trying to change it to Coca Cola etc. I took my chances and lodged the forms with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Western Australia, and at their discretion, it was granted. I also emailed Sanrio, advising them of my intent to change my name, and asked them to sponsor me with Hello Kitty products, as I was advertising Hello Kitty for them…..I received no reply!

  16. I wanted to chose something that could not only bring a laugh to other people but allow me to laugh at myself.

    Okay, you are no longer frightening to me. If you can laugh at yourself, then you’re cool.

  17. I also emailed Sanrio, advising them of my intent to change my name, and asked them to sponsor me with Hello Kitty products, as I was advertising Hello Kitty for them…..I received no reply!

    probably because they do not wish to associate with crazy people.

  18. Jo HK, that’s a big sense of humour and if you simply want to be laughed AT there ARE funnier things, no? or simpler things to do?
    Still, your name and it’s not your first name and at least you’ve replied to the people on this blog. “Just because someone has a different view than your own, doesnt make it wrong….only different!” – Well, this would be nice to think, but scarcely true in all cases – someone who wants to bring back the slave trade and only trade in one race of people, that’s not merely different, it’s wrong.

    ‘ROLL model’ – no, she must mean it. It’s connected to round apples and bites and HK undies.

    Joanne, Darlene did hope that Mr HKH freeze to death if he declined warmth from an HK hotplate – but hey, wishing the death of the person whose blog you’re on because they don’t agree about an imaginary cat is…

    I am surprised Sanrio haven’t come after you – with a lawsuit, but I suppose if you don’t exploit the name financially it’s okay.

  19. “and not personally attack and make judgements on people we really know nothing about!! ”

    i agree with joanne on this one, there is no reason to get personal. Unless its darlene, THEN its okay ^-^

  20. Wasnt the intention of this blog for people to make derogatory comments about Hello Kitty…..not personally insult the people who like her? Like I said before, there is no need to get personal, and that applies to HK lovers as much as haters. I have not personally insulted anyone on this blog, please show me the same decency. Slag off Hello Kitty all you like, but dont judge me……I dont judge any of you. Instead of making hurtful comments to people, whilst using anonymous names, think about the more important things in life…..how lucky we are that we do live in a free society and can make choices, that affect us personally. I would rather have a name like Hello Kitty than be some poor innocent person getting bombed in Iraq, or some starving child in a 3rd world country. If you died tomorrow, would you have done everything you wanted to do, or would there be so many things you didnt because you were worried about what other people would think?? When you are perfect, then you have the right to judge me, until then keep the insults to yourself please.

  21. Well Darlene and Joanne, I personally am glad there are people defending Hello Kitty and her imaginary lifestyle here.

    Buying a Hello Kitty purse because it is cool is far different than believing an imaginary object has a message, changing your name to Hello Kitty, or trying to own or justify every single Hello Kitty item that comes up for sale.

    Hello Kitty makes Disney look small time. Yet I would guess people that own Donald Duck shirts don’t talk about all the “love and friendship” Donald Duck brings.

    Not even the narcissistic American Doll fans talk about their doll bringing- anything.

    Hello Kitty fans have imagined a world that girls do when they are young. I have seen full grown adult women sit on the floor and play with Barbie dolls, so I understand there is a special place women have for their dolls, where guys tend to just put their action dolls on display.

    The question is, does Sanrio exploit that aspect of the imagination that HK fans?

    Douches. Bank accounts. Toilet paper. Vibrators.

    I would say, yes.

  22. Well, thank you for replaying Joanne HK. You see where I was coming from in saying that naming yourself after a cartoon character might make it rather hard to convince other people (who don’t know you, such as, say, corporate personnel officers) of your sanity?
    Bottom line; I was saying that I thought the idea was ill-advised, rather than unfunny. Ok?

  23. *slaps darlene puppet* ahhh…..much better.

    Just so you know, this is a point of interest. It’s just like Joanne says, ‘everyone is entitled to their own opinion’ and that includes the author of this blog.

  24. It is so disturbing…..to see her place of birth is Auckland…which is where I live……….wonder how many more of her kind are lurking around here…

  25. I honestly think that you having a “sense of humor” is just and excuse to make you sound not so utterly senseless.

    No one will ever take you seriously for the rest of your life.

  26. Why would you want to change your name to hello kitty? She is like a god to people, ovoiously, so would you change your name to God to better imitate him/her, my guess is no, cuz I don’t hear about people doing that. Uniqueness is a good thing and should be embrased, hello kitty is cutie not unique. I love hk but there is a limit. But that’s just my lousey opnion.

  27. It could be worse.

    You could be gettin’ on the nasty when she moans “Call… me… HK…” and then you just completely lose the mood. 😀

  28. oh no…. this brings back embarrassing memories of when i’d only just turned 18 and was saving up the money to change my first and middle name legally to Sakura Kitty (i was living in Western Australia at the time too! coincidence!)… looking back i’m really glad my parents talked me out of it, especially Sakura as a first name which might be kinda silly *blush*

    (altho it’d be kinda cool to have a name like Joanne Hello Kitty on one’s passport, certainly get conversations started ^_^)

    i often joke about calling my first daughter Ekaterina so I can shorten it to Kitty… at least my partner THINKS it’s a joke… MUAHAHAHA

  29. hahahahaha ok actually i found this entire thing hilarious, i thought it was hilarious joanne changed her middle name to hello kitty because i found it amazing. i love that she did it for humor and is able to accept and produce all the funny things of our world. i loved the debates between everyone. and found it extra funny on a personnel level because i’m debating on naming my first son sonic the (last name) because my last name in another language means hedgehog. i probably won’t but i’m very tempted, i don’t actually know much about sonic or have any sonic merchandise what so ever, but i just find the concept hilarious, so i would side with joanne and can see why she would do it actually

  30. OMFG!?!? WTF!?!? The marriage certificate is in Australia?! O.O

    Dude I thought most of these fanatics live in US or Japan…. But not in Australia!!! D:

    Why do I have a feeling since Australia are in good ties with US and is becoming Americanised soon (esp. with clothes and fast food joints), that it’s not suprising to see a Sanrio store or a Hello Kitty Pastry Shop… Or worse… Hello Kitty Hotel *shudders*

  31. Just as Joanne adopted the middle name Hello Kitty as an expression of her sense of humor, Hello Kitty Hellman’s mock mortification is but an expression of his sense of humor. ^_^

  32. i just love hello kitty. i went to japan and saw her. i know all the details of her her fav color……… and every thing you want to know but im not telling ya………….


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