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  1. lol my daughter’s birthday is nov 1st. we are going to hello kitty birthday party at our local sanrio store. anyone with the same birthday that can prove it (i.e. birth certificate) gets a free stuffed “merow-merow”. (that is what my girlie calls HK)
    and lol, this account is so you can save money to buy HK! lol!

  2. I don’t purchase checks anymore since I discovered VersaCheck and printing out your own, as needed, saves FAR more paper….plus you can personalize your checks Any Way You Want.

    But agreed, this is just another ploy to get at your money.

  3. Yeah, yeah – sanrio gavee HK a bio and she’s from London! How did you get thru’ life without knowing? 😉

    Well, a good place for those cheques then. What age does one have to be to open an account? Surely there are savings only accounts for kids?

    Cheques certainly aren’t used in shops much anymore in the UK and some places don’t take them.

  4. How dare you say that Hello Kitty is making a rude gesture. Why do you always try and see the negative in everything? Is your life really that sad that you can’t admit the positive of Hello Kitty? All you are doing is making up things in an attempt to make yourself popular, but all it does is make everyone know that everything you write is nothing but lies.

    Before you begin complaining about supposed irony that doesn’t make sense, why don’t you delve into your own. The irony here is that you say you hate Hello Kitty so much, but spend your entire day writing a blog about her. That goes to show what a hypocrite you really are.

  5. These day our beloved darlene is slipping.
    So many people are beating her.
    I hope some day her identity is revealed to us (without her real name).
    Of course, Hello Kitty Hell himself knows it because of her e-mail address (but he won’t say anything about her identity, that’s the rule.).
    This is really exciting situation. It is almost like a detective story.

  6. Aww

    I had a bank account but It was closed. So maybe if my mom lets me I can get a Hello Kitty one <33

    Then again when I talk about Hello Kitty she gets into a Rant about if HKH doesn’t like Hello Kitty then why does he have a Blog that talks so much about her. Since she says she herself loves Hello Kitty but doesn’t talk about her on a daily basis.

    As well .. Darn. My sister’s Bday is Nov 2nd and mine is Nov 5th ;-; I wish we could get Free Hello kitty stuff xD

  7. Hello Kitty, besides being the symbol of materialism, also preaches a religion.

    It is neither Christianity, Judaism, Moslem or Buddhist.

    It is – witchcraft! Click on my name for the HELLO KITTY Tarot Cards!

    If religious people went nuts over Harry Potter, think what they’d do to Hello Kitty!

  8. LoL that HK pose is my all time favorite b/c I, too, swear she is flipping off everyone and it’s great. I wish my ATM card had that design, it would rule. That whole set is a bit much though… of course nothing beats the HK douche and liners. I still have a bad taste in my mouth over those. *shudder*

  9. Please don’t associate witchcraft wit HK! A familiar she is not!

    I’m not sure Hk is more a symbol of materialism than Donald or Mickey but I don’t know if they do credit cards or cheques.

    Does anyone know if anything weird happens/is sent if one writes an HK chequw or uses the card for something that’s ‘disapproved of’? Hm.

    I think HK looks stunned – perhaps she is shy really and doesn’t want ANYone looking at her (esp fanatics).

  10. HKH, I agree with you- it does look like HK is flipping everyone off! And the whole HK bank account is utterly ridiculous, just like all the other HK crap of the world.

    And darlene, before you start calling anyone a hypocrite, take a good look at yourself. You are a HK fanatic who spends every day at an ANTI-HK site. Also, you claim that this HK you believe in so much brings love and peace and whatnot to the world, but you have wished death, among other things, on HKH because he does not share your opnions. Who’ s the hypocrite now, darlene? (Psst, that would be you, in case you couldn’t figure it out.)

  11. I agree that it does look like HK is flipping you off in that picture. Darlene, it’s an international symbolism, so that’s what it means whether you like it or not.
    WRT the bank account, surely the key question, other than whether or not you’d want that account (I wouldn’t because of the branding; there’d be something well odd about a mid-40s male who was using it IMO) is whether or not is pays a competitive interest rate?

  12. heh.

    I’m a fan of Hello Kitty, and I adore anything with Hello Kitty on it for some inexplicable reason, but due to the fact that I think it unwise to spend all my much-needed financial resources on pink things with a cute little cat… I tend to refrain.

    Anyway, despite my slight obsession (well, slight compared to many…), I adore your blog. It may be a bit bizarre of me to say that, but you are very clever and make excellent points. I doubt I’ll stop loving HK any time soon, and I don’t really care – I mean, let a girl be neurotic in peace! ;p – but I also think I’ll continue reading your really, really amusing blog.

  13. btw. You must have covered this at some point in the past, but did you realize your wife was this obsessed before you married her? Or did she become obsessed AFTER you married her?

  14. wait wait

    this is hello kitty HELL and there’s an ad for J-List showing me the way for “Rare & Fun Hello kitty Products from Japan!”?
    i’m AWESTRUCK.

  15. I have a lot of respect for any woman who can flip you off, take your money AND put a smile on your face AT THE SAME TIME….Go Hello Kitty!

    I’ll still never buy her products for anyone over the age of 5…but that is quite impressive!!!!

  16. uhh see the blue and cream hello kitty…. well if you look really really close it looks like its stickin its finger up at you


  17. If you live in the US, you can get a Hello Kitty checking account and credit card from Bank of America. I know because I have the Hello Kitty credit card and I recently spent the better part of a Tuesday on the phone ordering a Hello Kitty check card for my checking account 🙂

  18. Darlene. This Is A Site For Those Of The People That Find Hello Kitty “Annoying”. Why Don’t You Find A Site For Hello Kitty Lovers Instead Of Hating This Site.

  19. theres nothing wrong with a hello kitty bank account.
    i have one myself…
    you can get a Hello Kitty credit card or checking account from bank of america.

  20. Wow I just realised that all this time HK was sticking ehr rude finger at me! D:

    Well luckily I only have 1 thing that’s HK and that’s a watch. No wait two HK things … 2 watches….

    Thank goodness it doesn’t have her with her rude finger up.

    But before that I thoguht she was doing the whole finger thinking pose…

    But anyway… Lolz oh the irony

  21. wow! this is so cool! my cousin will surely love it! OMG! i wonder if its on sale in eBay, oh wait! its available in Hong Kong. Yeah, Hello Kitty is a brit and the brits colonized Hong Kong so i guess the brits returned and used hello kitty to invade again. LOL



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