Hello Kitty Mahjong Set

Hello Kitty Hell is, as would be expected, hellish, but it takes on new dimensions when a Hello Kitty product is combined with something else that my wife is obsessed with. In this case, mahjong.

My wife loves mahjong and we play it on a weekly basis. It is actually one of the few times where I am able to escape Hello Kitty Hell (well, except for the Hello Kitty snacks that get served…) to a large degree. That little oasis is soon to be gone forever now that my wife has found the Hello Kitty mahjong set:

Hello Kitty mahjong set

Hello Kitty mahjong set winds

Hello Kitty majong set back

There is something plain wrong about playing mahjong with Hello Kitty tiles. It would be like playing poker with Hello Kitty cards (something that my wife thinks that should be done too) or drinking beer out of Hello Kitty mugs (there aren’t many things that can ruin a beer, but that is one of them). Another typical day of finding out that one of the few places that has resisted the evil feline and her Hello Kittification has fallen under her world domination…

Sent in by hh who should be forced to play mahjong with Hello Kitty tile pieces forever for thinking it was a good idea to let me wife know about this…

Update: Apparently I will be receiving 28 boxes of Hello Kitty crap according to the latest threat from a Hello Kitty fanatic for refusing to tell where people can buy this stuff:

Please, tell me where to find the mah jong set. In return, I promise to throw all non- electric HK products away. If you don’t tell me, I will mail them- ALL 28 BOXES- to you and your wife!!! — Jodi

As far as empty threats goes (have you ever known a Hello Kitty fanatic that would willingly give up their Hello Kitty crap?), this one was both pretty feeble and typical. What Hello Kitty fanatics fail to realize is that with the amount of Hello Kitty crap that my wife already has, 28 boxes wouldn’t even be noticed… πŸ˜‰

Update 2: It only gets better when it comes to dealing with Hello Kitty fanatics and their supposed threats. This is what I found in my email box today:

Empty!??? Ok, what’s yer address?? U now have 28 boxes of HK crapola on the way….seriously, that maj set is on 10 or so sites and no one knows the name of it or where to buy it. I come from one of those Jewish, mah jong playing families and i’ve been dying to learn to play….

This actually brought a smile to my face. The outrage that required an exclamation point and three question marks punctuated by having to ask where to send the crap. Obviously, it makes it a lot harder to send 28 boxes of Hello Kitty crap and take the threat seriously when you have to ask for the address of where to send it. Just saying…

Then there is the whole insinuation that she can’t learn how to play mahjong without a Hello Kitty mahjong set, and this should somehow make me feel sorry for her in some way. Believe me, I would feel much more sympathy toward your mahjong playing relatives if you were able to ever get your hands on the Hello Kitty mahjong set.

Seriously, why would anyone think that I would ever willingly give out my address to someone saying they are going to send me and my wife 28 boxes of Hello Kitty crap? I’m sure that somehow makes sense in the mind of a Hello Kitty fanatic — which I guess pretty much explains why they are Hello Kitty fanatics in the first place.

Update 3: The fun never ends. The latest email:

Ok, So now because of YOU – I had to contact other web sites about this stupid mah jong set….. I have people named “Maria Kitty” and “Bitty Kitty” writing me to say hello – they haven’t even responded about the set!!! How did I get myself into this??

So in response to your rather smarmy response…. I am not a HK fanatic – kind of used to be until it became trendy! I just haven’t tossed it out yet because .. well, I’d hate to see it NOT go to someone who wants it like you guys!! I haven’t bought any HK stuff in… uh, years!! Oh, except for electric stuff. And hopefully, a maj set soon. But after that, I will never buy any more, I promise. Also, my pals mom has a really old set but it’s made of ivory and I would feel just terrible knowing an elephant sacrificed his life, only to have me shooting what used to be his tusks across a table…. So, that’s why I need to know where to get the HK one – I doubt they are real ivory tiles. I promise not to tell a soul that you told me where to get it. — J

Right, somehow this is all my fault. And I’m the bad guy because I actually responded, although not in the way she wanted me too (note to self: remember never to respond anymore to Hello Kitty fanatics). The logic of Hello Kitty fanatics never ceases to amaze me.

It is classic Hello Kitty fanatic whining. The denial — they swear they aren’t Hello Kitty fanatics (isn’t denial the first sign that you really are an addict?), but they will still somehow not be able to live without some small piece of Hello Kitty crap.

I won’t even go into why not wanting to play with ivory mahjong tiles does not equate having to have a Hello Kitty mahjong set (if you can’t figure that out yourself, there really isn’t much hope in trying to explain it to you) and then she falls back onto the desperate plea that I eventually hear from all fanatics — the promise that they won’t tell anyone that I told them if I tell them. I’m not really sure why they believe this promise is supposed to convince me to tell them, but apparently it is a common assumption among Hello Kitty fanatics.

I’m almost tempted to tell her my address just so the hilarity can continue…

34 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Mahjong Set”

  1. Think of it as the game… don’t look at the tiles and don’t notice the kitties… breathe and You’ll survive!!! πŸ™‚
    I believe that in Hello Kitty Hell you have encountered far worse things than mahjong tiles πŸ™‚
    Hang in there πŸ˜€ maybe your wife won’t use them because they might break or something… convince her that the tiles are to fragile to be played with, perhaps it would work! πŸ˜‰ What do you think?

  2. Hey, that’s a good idea! And Absinth is probably right, your wife will be scared that the tiles will get scratches or even break so most chances are, you won’t even get to touch the mahjong set!

    Hah! In before darlene..!

  3. Why is it you want your wife to be miserable? You know that she likes Hello Kitty and if she likes this game then it’s double the pleasure for her, so why don’t you just stop complaining and enjoy it with her? There are so many men that would love to be in your position with a wife that wants to bring you happiness and all you do is complain. It really is so annoying that you whine about this so much.

  4. I don’t think Darlene understands the term “compromise.” I’m sorry but if I had to play a game sporty something I don’t particularly care for, it would make playing the game so much worse, especially if it was something that I previously enjoyed. HKH, does you wife know the term “compromise?” I know it’s a bit of a ridiculous question seeing as all HK freaks are a bit ridiculous, but best of luck, truly.

  5. darlene is like a zombie or some character in a horror movie. She won’t die and keeps coming back.
    BTW, somehow it is very disturbing to me that the back of mahjong tiles is Pink. The color should be the color of bamboo.
    Of course, mahjong tiles with Hello Kitty are more insane than the color.

  6. i agree, but she’s like a zombie from “shawn of the dead”. at first she’s really annoying (what with the consuption of brains and all) but then she sorta grows on you. You start to look forward to her rediculous comments.

    it makes you think, wow im crazy and all, but that darlene, she takes it to a whole nother level.

    also, there is something very sick and twisted about the hello kitty majhong. I want.

  7. I think this is one of the better things Sanrio came up with, it’s obsessive but not so far out there as douche or the like. However, it’s pink and I don’t play mahjong so it’s another useless item (for me and unfortunately not for your wife:( )! Did you talk to your wife about that? I know she has some pull at Sanrio!! Tell her to tell them I’m sick of pink!! ;D

    Darlene is like a little 10 y/o Hello Kitty obsessed Dr. Phil, always telling you what to do and what you should like b/c she and your wife like it. You poor thing now you have your wife and Darlene to deal with on a daily basis! Bless you!

  8. Comment from yet another anonymous
    Time: November 14, 2007, 8:00 am

    darlene is like a zombie or some character in a horror movie. She won’t die and keeps coming back.


    HAHAHAHAH THATS SO FUNNY! but foreal i never knew i would actually have a hello kitty mah jong set πŸ˜› thats like actually kinda cool i have to admit because i’d NEVER thought they would make something like that.

  9. I agree with M. HKH, I’m sorry that you have to put up have to put up with a HK obsessed wife and a brainless “mini me” version of her, who’s logic is clouded by HK.

    Is there anything that HK hasn’t invaded that you like? Don’t answer, because I know you wouldn’t be able to answer without facing terrible consequences.

    @ Darlene: Have you considered anything other than a woman? Men have feelings too, and their daily lives matter just as much. You have no right to say that to HKH, as you obviously see little significance of how he feels, compared to his wife.

  10. Also,

    “There are so many men that would love to be in your position with a wife that wants to bring you happiness and all you do is complain.”

    THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SHIT LIKE THAT. A common man would never want to play hello kitty Mahjong, as it would be a big embarassment. However, if they were loyal enough, they would play it with their wife, but only in secret.

  11. I don’t think darlene reads the other comments here since her eyes are grossly clouded by hello kitty – she probably squints so she doesn’t have to read the comments while she’s typing up her nonsense

  12. OMG! Sorry I know how you despise Hello Kitty so, but once in awhile, I think she comes up with some pretty innovative items! Can you tell me where I can get a set like that? Are they available in the U.S.? I can just imagine me busting out with a set like that to play with my BF and his friends…XD sorry to be so evil…but it would be totally PRICELESS!!!

  13. Just was gifted by a Secret Santa with a Hello Kitty mah jongg travel set. It is precious and I consider myself twice blessed in that I collect maj sets, love kittys and anything associated. Your site is hysterically funny, and I get your tongue in cheek humor. I agree that Hello Kitty poker cards would be a real hoot tho, in spite of it all. But the beer idea is a bit much I think. Beer isn’t good for kitty.

    • I also love Hello Kitty stuff. I would like to get Hello Kitty playing cards. I would only use them for Euchre.

  14. I know where to get this particular set. Not going to tell anyone though. This is Hello Kitty Hell and I respect the owner of this site for what he does and why.

    I like Hello Kitty, but it goes way too far sometimes.


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