Hello Kitty Tattoo Heart

It’s been awhile since the last Hello Kitty tattoo has shown up in my mailbox, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this Hello Kitty holding a heart tattoo came recently:

Hello Kitty tattoo heart

What is disturbing is that this tattoo is done on a guy which once again has my wife convinced that I need a Hello Kitty tattoo. More disturbing is that there have been enough Hello Kitty tattoos sent to me that are on guys that this incredibly disturbing trend doesn’t even shock me anymore. Worst is that since it’s a guy, he probably has no idea that he didn’t put Hello Kitty on his arm, but Hello Kitty’s twin sister Mimmy (and I find it the most disturbing that information like this has stealthily slipped into my brain due to living in Hello Kitty Hell for so long that I actually notice a mistake like this). The stars, apple, shoes and cupcake all around pretty much puts it into the top 10 Hello Kitty Hellish tattoo list and I can now look forward to a Hello Kitty Hell day of listening to how wonderful Hello Kitty tattoos are and that we should both be getting them…

Sent in by Liz who noted “My boyfriend has hello kitty tattoos; it’s why I noticed him….” which pretty much means they are meant for each other and I’m not sure there is any bigger punishment in the world than that…

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  1. Awww…

    And so pretty much they cannot say its a Hello Kitty Tattoo… but a Hello Mimmy Tattoo xD

    My friend in Highschool.. a Guy.. got a hello Kitty Tattoo right before Graduation. He got it at some Japanese tattoo parlor off base. It was kinda Tacky.. That one of Mimmy is 100% better looking. I love the cup cakes.

  2. > I find it even most disturbing that information like this has stealthily
    > slipped into my brain due to living in Hello Kitty Hell for so long that
    > I actually notice a mistake like this

    Indeed. The Hello Kitty Hell is creeping into your brain, slowly and gradually. Eventually you are assimilated into Hello Kitty collective. Your mind is my mind. Oh, it sounds creepy.

  3. Has anyone noticed that the guy’s skin beneath the tatto has a strange texture? It looks all scratched or scarred… creepy… I wonder why…

  4. It looks like scars…
    Like either slash marks or writing.

    Maybe he used to cut himself… or he had surgery … or He got into a fight?
    A fight over Hello kitty? j/k

  5. absinth, i was wondering that as well. that is the lamest tatt ever. i am sure darlene will be busting hkh for complaining. moron.

  6. Those parallel scars are almost certainly the result of self-mutilation. “Cutters” will often wound themselves systematically like this. We’re dealing with a disturbed individual here. Probably better that he acts out his masochistic urges by getting large tattoos, rather than by cutting herself, but only slightly. Unfortunately, he’ll probably relapse into self-mutilation at some point; fortunately, that means he’ll be hacking up Kitty’s cutesy face. Get help, Hello Kitty Cutter Boy!

  7. noticed the skin texture too
    (doesn’t know much about scars and tattoos…)
    Maybe he started to cut after he got the tattoo because, well, who wouldn’t?

  8. #1, this cutter would to have experienced even more pain when the tattoo needle overlapped his cutting scars. #2, between self mutilation and Hello Kitty, I’m sure he’s hiding something. #3, how messed up in the head do you have to be to date someone, especially a guy who covered his scars with ‘the symbol of love’. It’s so confusing!?!?! AND, the scars were the first thing I noticed! That girl better get a background check on this dude.

  9. This is (at least) one of the better Hello Kitty tattoos out there as the design is so simplistic and easily messed up. But you’re right about the bow, I’m also confused about (if Lia is correct about this being in a mirror) why there are two Hello Kitty’s on top of eachother o.O

    Like you, I’m disturbed that there are alot of guys getting HK tattoos… I love HK but my S.O. having an HK tat? I wouldn’t know how to feel about that. (Badtz Maru would be another story though, as he has an affinity for the little penguin lol.)

    Much better than those costumes though (and many HK tat’s I’ve seen)! I dunno what suits your hell better: when they get them right or mess them up! ;D

    Darlene must be ill today. XP

  10. The Scars look Healed before the Ink of the Tattoos was put over it. So he must have cut himself as a teenager maybe. And He wanted soemthing to at least hide it a bit.. so he got something Girls or people would be too Preoccupied looking at rather than the Scars xD

    Which doesn’t help because I was staring at the scars and hello kitty.

  11. she probly read this and agreed with it. Ever notice how she only posts when she disagrees? She could have just been busy, but she posts almost as soon as HKH updates, which is an obvious sign of far too much time to waste

  12. I think that Lia is right about the mirror. Either that or the film was flipped backwards (which I highly doubt since not too many younger people use film anymore) because the bunny’s bow is backwards as well. Her bow is supposed to be on the same side as Hello Kitty’s. I am not sure exactly how sad it is that I know that.

  13. haha, just found your website for the first time, you are extremely humorious!!!! wakaka….can’t help laughing by looking at your words! Good Job!

  14. Those are definitely the result of self-mutilation. I have several myself.. and I have HK tattoos (the stormtrooper one was me :D). Anyway, point is, don’t say it’s creepy or anything like that… you have no idea what it’s like, what goes through the mind of someone that way, and what they are really going through. I’m not proud of what I did, but it’s not going to go away.. he just wanted to cover his up a little, though I never thought that method was very effective..
    Anyway, just please don’t be so harsh in what you say toward his scarring.

  15. is it just me or does this “tattoo” not look real? the skin tone is a weird pale-ish white like those “tattoo sleeve” shirts that people wear to pretend they have ink done (dumb)…and compared to his left arm it isn’t the same color. it looks like a hello kitty print was put over his arm for the picture or something

  16. Yes yes yes my god a male with a Hello Kitty what has the world come to…

    I am the person who this tattoo belongs to

    Now to clear up a few points you all seem to be so hung up about

    1 it is a mirror image hence the bow being on he other ear, if you even looked at the picture for longer than a few seconds you would realise you can see the camera strap and my body

    2 yes they are self harm scars but that is neither here nor there i simply had it done over them because i have a tattoo on my other arm and i wanted a half sleeve end of story

  17. that is the gayest thing ive ever seen in my life.

    please god save yourself man! dont get one! and dont let your wife either lol. ask her how she’ll feel about it in 15 years and explain that laser removal is way expensive and painful.

  18. wow, a website where a bunch of people get together and talk crap about hello kitty and anyone and everyone who likes it.
    and I thought I had too much time on my hands. Hahhh.

  19. Nice.. it looks like it might be just a “tattoo sleeve”.. but I guess you have to trust people.

    The best hello kitty tatto I have seen was on a female model (“actress”).

    I wonder if you have that on your site. Although one would really have to call it “Hello pussy”..


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