Hello Kitty Skull Bow Tattoo II

It’s disturbing when something I post here inspires someone to go out and get a tattoo (or two) – the Hello Kitty skull bow tattoos:

Hello Kitty skull bows tattoo

This is what I received:

These are my Skull bow tattoos. They were inspired by the hello kitty tattoo with the skull in the bow. I’m obsessed with hello kitty so of course I love your site. sorry!

I’m not sure if Hello Kitty’s bow without the face is any better than the complete evil feline and it’s completely beyond me why someone would want to place the bows where they appear to have been placed. My biggest worry is that one day the rest of Hello Kitty will appear which definitely would not be a pretty site…

Sent in by Katy who has given herself enough punishment by getting those tattoos in the first place…

41 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Skull Bow Tattoo II”

  1. Any moment now, you’ll receive a picture of someone who tattooed HK on his/her buttcheek. Or worse–their face. *cringes*

    Actually, the bows are pretty cute ON THEIR OWN. Gotta give credit to Katy for just having the bow tattoos instead of going whole cat.

  2. Is it the bows that are cute, or where they’re displayed? :->

    I’m leaning towards the latter idea, and thinking that the display area would look better “unadorned”.

  3. Do the boobs realy need more focus on them? To me the tatoos say “look here! i’m easy!” I would aprove of the skull bows, maby as hair clips. But tatoos, I hate to think what it’ll look like when she gets old and has saggy boobs! Oh grandma clevage with bows! I’m going to vomit now.

  4. K: ”I hate to think what it’ll look like when she gets old and has saggy boobs! Oh grandma clevage with bows! I’m going to vomit now.” looool :’D. Agreed! xD

  5. I am absolutely appalled at your constant abusive behavior at Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty is a symbol of all that is good and holy to this world, and you only seek to destroy her. You are a sick man. You should be happy that we live in a world where Hello Kitty exsists. Everyone should worship Hello Kitty for being such a sweet role model. In fact, she is a role model to our kids, to be good, and sweet, and kind.

    I think that everybody should love Hello Kitty.

  6. the only sick person here is the one that would PERMINATELY EMBLAZON THEIR BODY WITH THAT!!!

    i laugh to think about what this will look like at 64!

  7. darlene is proof that Hello Kitty is a cult.

    Classic sign #1: Give away money for HK.
    Classic sign #2: brainwash people into believing that HK is the MESSIAH.

  8. Darlen hk is not holy. She is not a god. Get over your self and hello kitty! I thought you recently vowed that you wouldn’t visit the site or comment any more or something like that. You should hold to that vow, hello kitty is disapointed in you for breaking you vow. Lol.

  9. Terrible tattoo!
    Besides the fact that they’re crooked (not even with each other)…..it obviously was done by a crap artist! *thumbs down*

  10. The darlene that posted earlier is a fake. I did not post that. Please Mr Hello Kitty Hell man, check to see so you know that it is true.

    I understand why someone would do that because they support me but are afraid to speak out under their own name, but it’s not right to pretend you’re someone you aren’t. Use “darlene supporter” or some other name like that instead of my name.

    It’s a shame that you are so negative that even the people that read your blog are afraid to use their own name. It shows that you need to listen to what we are saying more.

  11. It does appear that the first “darlene” in the comments isn’t the “darlene” we have all come to love here for her insightful comments that we, as non Hello Kitty fanatics, are unable to make any sense of. I have therefore placed a “(fake)” next to the imposter — that would have been difficult for any of us to recognize — for clarity’s sake.

  12. I really don’t get what’s so wrong with darlene. I mean, I can’t figure out how someone could be THAT stupid. I know Hello Kitty fanatics don’t make sense, but they were not born that way… What happens to them? Do they get a free lobotomy when they buy their first HK gadget?

  13. damn, a fake darlene??
    what has the world come to?

    and darlene?
    did you ever stop to think that someone probably did the fake one as a joke?
    i say time and again, get over yourself.

  14. “It shows that you need to listen to what we are saying more.”

    The so-called “We” is saying things like: “we love your blog” and “LOL!” and even “We want more” which is why he keeps putting more.

  15. Wow.. What negative activity at my tattoos! haha..

    Well whatever people, I got these tattoos for my 18th birthday and ive heard already from tons of people what you all have already posted.

    I dont care about saggy boobs when I’m old. its called plastic surgery.

    Also. My one boob happens to be bigger than the other. so give it up one cant exactly help the tattoos not being the same size.

    I’m happy with them.

  16. i like the tattoos. theyre cute. and its what she wanted…if its what she wanted then let her have them…id hate to know what your faces look like when youre 64. shes young now..let her have what she wants.

  17. Sorry to say, some people are so closed minded they can only see with their very small demented minds.
    Hello Kitty is a good clean hobby. Not a cult. Get real. Just like everyone has some kind of hobby don’t think that everyone agrees with your taste in it.
    By the way the tattoos are pretty and not as low as you think so no they wont be hanging much lower than where they are now.
    I say you can express yourself however you want…. its not my place to decide for anyone if theirs are a better choice for them just not mine. but i would not slander someone for their choices. What? Cant find something to do but criticize? Why come to this site if you don’t like what you see?

  18. wow.theres alot of neg. people…
    i liek your tattoos.
    bows are cute.
    and hello kitty is cute.
    and since you love it so much i doubt youll regret it.
    : )

  19. Katy, and your Mum, all I was saying was that I didn’t think Katy needed any extra adornment in that particular area. Take it as a compliment on what nature delivered, instead of an insult.
    Actually, I think Misawa might have had a good idea in the wrist or ankle bracelet HK bow tattoos (for anyone other than Katy, who’d be over-doing the theme now).

  20. Wow. I stumbled on this site googling some hello kitty gear for the little sister. I have a good bit of art done myself and get nothing but compliments as I’m sure you do out in the real world. Your bows are legit and don’t let anyone tell you different.

  21. They are ugly tatoos. The position is the most appalling. That you are 18 does not make them any better. In fact, it makes the whole thing even sillier!

    And if your old enough to get a tatoo, then your old enough to not need your mother to defend you getting this ugly one!

  22. well you know what? I didn’t ask my mom to say anything. Get over yourself if you have nothing better to do than bash people over the internet.

    What a life you must all have. You’re even more of a joke than my tattoos are.

    I can do whatever the hell I want.

    You can’t change me 🙂

  23. Katy, calm down bonny lass. All I said was that I thought you’d look even better without them, or with them positioned as wrist or ankle bracelet tattoos instead.
    My opinion may differ from yours, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a right to differ from you.

  24. Katy-you knew this was an anti-hk site when ya sent the pic in. so you should have expected criticism. If you like them that’s all that should matter. And you wouldn’t get that upset about this criticism if what was said here didn’t matter to you. So ovoiously you are iritated by the comments here.

  25. I’m really surprised that Katy’s mother is defending her. If I had breasts, and if I got them tattoo’d and then published pics of said tattoo’d tatas on the Internet, my mother would hang me out to dry.

  26. cute tattoo but.wrong place babe.
    by the time u finally want to grow up….
    u’ll hate them.
    Next time…think very carefully where u want
    ur tattoos…says alot abt u the design you choose
    and the place u have it.

  27. Honestly when your 64 are you gonna have you clevage hanging out anyways?!?

    SO who gives a crap, you only live once, why the hell is everyone so goddamn critical, I just happened by this little chat and almost died laughing because everyone being rude is fricken funny as hell…seriously??

    One last thing, Hello Kitty is god. Only hot bitches can rock it, so if you have one props to you…nahhhh mean


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